“I put together a before and after picture of a small River Birch I treated with NutriRoot™ last summer. It’s unbelievable and doesn’t look like the same tree anymore. I came back a couple months later and the tree literally turned into Cousin Itt from the Addams family.”

— David Anderson Shadywood Tree Experts and Landscaping, Hopkins, Minn. ISA Certified Arborist MN4444A

“I found it’s been a very easy reach to acclimate customers to NutriRoot because it’s simple to use, it’s not very expensive and it works so well. It provides the necessary hydration and it reduces stress in transplants. When we sell trees, shrubs or perennials, we advocate the use of NutriRoot as a companion product to the transplant process. Our own landscape crew uses NutriRoot exclusively.”

— Jim Zoppo American Landscape/Sharon View Nursery,  Sharon, Mass.

“NutriRoot is my go-to product for customers who have never fertilized a plant in their life because it is so simple. I own an indoor and outdoor garden retail shop that makes growing plants easy and accessible for individuals of all experience levels, and NutriRoot is a product I can confidently recommend, even under the highest levels of scrutiny from the most experienced gardeners. NutriRoot builds truly healthy growth in plants, for the life of the plant, by improving the health of the actual soil it lives in — lending to incredible long-term improvements in overall plant health. I gave NutriRoot to a woman who swore she was cursed with a black thumb, and within one month, she returned to tell me that her hanging basket was overflowing with flowers! I can’t imagine a bigger success for a garden shop owner than that!”

— Matt Reisman Gardin (Garden Center), S. Weymouth, Mass.