“The Perfect Plant® has served our customer base well. We are a small family-owned business and having a Perfect Plant in the store helped our staff and our customers. Ken and his team have been wonderful, accessible and very flexible in the process. The kiosk has been a wonderful resource, and our customers really enjoy and find the Perfect Plant useful and educational!”

— Tawney Summers, marketing manager, Bath Garden Center & Nursery, Ft. Collins, Colo.

“It is great having a bridge between the customer and me. I enjoy helping customers but my time is limited because of the number of customers we have and my responsibilities for the garden center. This makes the time I spend with customers more valuable”

— Suzanne, IGC employee

“I’m not a plant person, so this is great. I love using it and showing other people how to use it.”

— Brooke, IGC employee

Testimonials from customers:

“This is fantastic! This is the first time we have a garden, so it is very helpful.” — Lauren

“This is such a good tool! It helps people like me quickly find what I need.” — Bernie

“I needed a tree and found one using The Perfect Plant®. I’m buying this tree and whatever The Perfect Plant recommends.” — Jane

“That is awesome and will help me so much. Instead of dragging these ladies around to find a plant, because they all look good while in bloom, I can use this to fit my needs.” — Barbara