Just educate and Hydretain sells … again and again!

“We have been selling Hydretain here at our nursery for approximately 8 to 10 years, with sales steadily increasing, especially in the last 4 to 5 years. It works really well, but you have to sell it. We have learned through trial and error that it is important to educate the customer about the product and how to apply it correctly. That is a real big key to them being successful. As a garden center, that is a really big key to repeat sales. Assuming that you explain it and that your customers apply it correctly, it works fantastically. We have even had customers report that neighbors have accused them of overwatering. I have used Hydretain personally at my house and it has easily cut my water consumption down by more than 50 percent and it is green, it looks great.

Hydretain works really well and we are really happy with it. All my employees here sell Hydretain, and as long as they explain to the customer how to apply it, the customers come back and buy it again. We don’t even have to ask them, they just come in and say, ‘Hey, where’s the Hydretain? I need to get another bottle.’ We are very excited about the new granular product that has just come out. We‘ve been waiting for it, and we are very happy that it is now available.”

— Steve Rey, Green Thumb Nursery, Tampa, Fla.

You try it — they buy it

“I have two big horse troughs at the entrance to my property in eastern Oklahoma, which I use as nice big containers for plants. Inevitably, every day as I left the farm, I had to take a couple of jugs of water and water each container. I used a sample of Hydretain and quickly realized that I was not having to water nearly as much. The product does work. I find myself now watering about once every 5 days. After having done that, a couple of the other folks that work with me here at the store have also used it on their container plants with the same results — not having to water nearly as much. We are certainly big believers here.

Relationship selling is huge and customers buy in when they learn that we have used this product and have seen the results. The other day I was wearing my Hydretain hat and a customer asked about it. He asked if it was some gimmick and I said, ‘Sir, probably like you, I was a little bit skeptical of the product, but after testing it out on my farm, I will tell you that it really works. It definitely gets my vote.’”

— Jeff McEligot DIY Lawn & Pest,  Oklahoma City, Okla.