“I used BioSafe Plant Food the other day. My flowers looked vibrant and rich! The colors are out of this world and they are visibly BIGGER! I am so excited. I’m here to tell you it works like a dream. Amazing!”

— Karen, happy homeowner

“After being interviewed on a radio program in California and mentioning BioSafe Disease Control for the home gardener, my phones were swamped by home gardeners asking if I sold it. Orders started coming in! So now I sell it to my customers in the RTS bottles.”

— Laurel Garza, owner, Laurel’s Heirloom Tomato Plants, Lomita, Calif.

“As a teacher of organic programs and proponent of natural, organic products, I am delighted to be associated with BioSafe Systems and their high quality products. From their non-toxic herbicides to the hydrogen peroxide-based pond treatments and disease control, BioSafe’s products are effective and conveniently packaged for easy use. I once had to recommend generic products with improper or no labeling at all, but no more. Now I recommend (and use myself) - BioSafe.”

— Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, Healthy Living and Growing Radio Show

“GreenClean Granular Algaecide is the best product we have ever used on our pond. Not only does it take care of the unsightly algae that builds up on the rocks, but it also helps with the algae found hanging around the bottom of the pond. The filter system has been much easier to keep clean with the algae being kept under control. And as a bonus, our water lilies and other water plants never looked as good as they did this summer.”

— Mary, koi pond owner

“I had a terrible insect problem and needed something strong but safe. I picked BioSafe’s AzaGuard. I have dogs and my grandchildren come over all the time, so it needed to be organic. It did wonders for my flowers that have been in my family for generations. I also called the company directly with some questions and was able to speak to a real person on the phone for help. You don’t see customer service like that very often anymore.”

— Janice, avid gardener and grandmother