“Hydrofarm stands out from the competition with its focus on innovation and pioneering of new techniques and technologies. Hydrofarm has seemed to stay ahead of it, with more advances in certain products and movement toward LEDs and newer lighting. We’ve added a lot of sales in our business by increasing the amount of indoor lighting we carry.”

— Bob Mauk, owner, Northwest Seed & Pet, Spokane, Wash.

“Hydrofarm’s products help people grow year-round, and I’d say 100 percent of the people who buy get hooked, and then you’ve got a revenue source that is steady, with very few ups and downs in it. Anybody who’s doing it year-round is a pretty steady customer. Hydrofarm’s products also complement two big trends — the move back to urban areas and the demand for local food.”

— Greg Draiss, Garden Center Manager, Adams Fairacre Farms, Hudson Valley, N.Y.