“Before I came on board as the garden center manager, sales on roses were stale at best and opinions were, ‘Roses don’t sell here.’

With guidance from our Bailey Nurseries sales representative, we moved the Easy Elegance Roses to a prominent traffic location in our garden center. As soon as they began showing color, sales were up and running. I now have a designated display area five times larger than the original display, and most importantly, sales are up 57 percent! Yes, we can sell roses here!”

— Meg McLean, retail garden center manager, Mickman Brothers Garden Center, Ham Lake, Minn.

“Easy Elegance® Roses have been a part of our production plan since they were introduced to us several years ago. We have grown Paint the Town, Yellow Submarine, Coral Cove, Kashmir, Como Park and Sunrise Sunset. We typically bring in a #1 bareroot grade in April and shift to a #2 gallon container.

Disease resistance, excellent reblooming and overall hardiness found in the Easy Elegance® Roses allow us to grow a premium shrub rose for our customers. The quality in breeding, as well as the large selection, is another top selling point. My personal favorite is Paint the Town. Our customers were consistently requesting a dwarf, deep red shrub rose. We knew it was going to be popular the minute we saw it.”

— Conrad Gilbertson, general manager, Heritage Nursery West Production

“Love, love, love Easy Elegance®. We have planted Easy Elegance® and ‘other’ rose plants — which shall remain nameless — in public spaces to the tune of over 3,000 bushes.”

— Anita Eckley, past president, Omaha Rose Society