Kristin Nikodemski

1. How exactly does an Arborjet water management supplement work? What are the active ingredients and what do they do?
KN: As a multi-component product, NutriRoot® helps to manage water through water percolation and retention, promoting rooting, and adding organic material. The food-grade humectant condenses water vapor into liquid, helping to keep moisture in the root zone. The humectant works in conjunction with a surfactant to help reduce run-off along with kelp and humic acid to create an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria and fungi to flourish. Finally, the micro and macro nutrients help increase root mass, so the plant has more resources to find water.

2. Why is it important for garden retailers to promote good water management practices among their customers, and how can retailers make sure customers take this advice home?
KN: Beyond the more environmental benefits of being considerate of our water use, it can be an opportunity to help your customers keep a better looking garden. Adding a product like NutriRoot to a water management tool box gives you a unique product that also offers the benefits of amended soils and increased plant growth.

3. What advice do you give your customers for marketing, merchandising and selling NutriRoot?
KN: NutriRoot does a lot more than fertilize, so we try to simplify the messaging where possible for people who just want to know the end result. We offer a free standing display with many areas for messaging. It includes three sizes of NutriRoot and comes pre-stocked for easy set up!

4. What is the advantage to using water management products, as opposed to more basic watering practices?
KN: Using a water management product should be used along with the more classic practices. Used together, your customers will see even better results, while saving time and money.

5. Which Arborjet products do you find your customers are selling the most of?
KN: NutriRoot has been one of our best selling products this year, particularly with our landscape and arborist customers. Garden centers have been a little slower to add on this product, but we think we’ll see growth as more homeowners are looking to be sustainably conscious in their gardening.