Shannon Davis

1. How would you describe the mission of the Trunk Mat Company?
SD: Our mission is to get the garden center’s printed logo and information into the hands of their customers. Custom trunk mats help our garden centers increase sales by providing a branding and marketing product that helps protect their customers’ vehicles from the green goods they sell. What other product can advertise, increase sales, increase return business and save employee time for only 30 cents?

2. Why do you think it’s important for retailers to carry products that keep customer’s cars tidy?
SD: First and foremost, I am a consumer! I grow flowers, vegetables and have chickens. Now my local garden centers have trunk mats, of course. But I can’t think of anything worse than having to put a bag of dirty soil or wet plants in my Suburban. Who wants to have to clean the carpet in their car?! And imagine how a customer feels if they spend their hard-earned money and the employee only has an apology to offer for not having a trunk mat to help them. Green goods generally turn any vehicle into a mess. Trunk mats are a necessity for successful garden centers. It is so important to continue customer service after the visit and purchase are complete.

3. The Trunk Mat Co. has always focused on building relationships with independent retailers. Why is this so important to the company?
SD: The success of our business is 100 percent the result of our focus on building relationships with our customers. We work one on one with each customer to help them design the best custom trunk mat for their business. We also feel our family’s purpose is to help other family businesses grow. Our product is specifically meant for the mom and pop garden center. Our trunk mats help set a family-owned garden center apart from a big box retailer or chain. Trunk mats communicate to consumers that their business is important and appreciated.

4. How can retailers better communicate the utility and convenience of the Trunk Mat line of products?
SD: Our durable, steel trunk mat stands make it easy for garden centers to keep their trunk mats readily available to their customers. Our vertical stands allow the rolls to be displayed at the register, loading area and door openings, so there are many opportunities for the employees to offer a trunk mat or for the customer to take one on their own. Our mats are not just a customer service tool, they are the least expensive marketing and branding tool available in our industry. The customer will store the custom trunk mat in their car and see the garden center’s information over and over.

5. Are there any new or upcoming Trunk Mat products that you’re excited about?
SD: Our latest and most popular design, “Shop Local,” promotes the trend of growing your local economy by keeping your spending dollars where your roots are. “Support your local economy. Shop at your local Garden Center!” Our customers love this trunk mat!