Smart Pot Clip Strips

We recognize how valuable shelf space is in your store. With that in mind we created these convenient Smart Pot “Clip Strips.” Our House Plant Clip Strip is a great addition to any houseplant display, the Herb & Micro Green Clip Strip can be easily displayed in any seed starting area and our Pond Pot Clip Strip makes add-on sales a breeze in your Water Feature/Pond Department. Remember, sell the project not just the pot. Smart Pots lead to soil, plant and fertilizer sales!

Smart Pot Round Raised Bed

The Smart Pot Big Bag Beds have a new look, and a new name. Now known as the Smart Pot Round Raised Beds, they are available in both black and purple and come in three sizes — 24”, 36” and 50”. The Round Raised Beds are easy to use, no construction required — simply Unfold, Fill and Plant. Our new eye-catching packaging can be placed near soil, seedlings or nutrients for an easy upsell. The Round Raised Beds are available in individual cases, or our ¼ pallet assortment case.

Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed

Easy upsell with the new Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed Garden. This raised bed comes PVC ready and supports 1” PVC piping and fitting (PVC not included). The Urban Raised Bed is rigid and designed to grow more abundant vegetables, flowers, plants and herbs in any garden area. Available in two sizes: 2 feet by 4 feet and 4 feet by 4 feet, the Urban Raised Bed is easy to assemble and is durable so it can be used year after year.

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