From the creators of the innovative Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle series, J. Berry Nursery’s newest stars shine with vibrant color, long-lasting, multi-day blooms, and outstanding bud count, making the Hollywood Hibiscus Collection natural performers in production, at retail and in the landscape.

With the award-winning Hollywood Hibiscus Collection, retailers and gardeners will find the ideal hibiscus to meet their needs and taste. Each hibiscus cultivar showcases vivid, large, fancy blooms with rich color, while also possessing exceptional disease and pest resistance. From the cheerful, multi-colored Chatty Cathy to the rich red of Hot Shot, each cultivar blooms from spring through first frost. The compact growth habits of the collection make them perfect stars for containers, and are achieved naturally, benefiting both the nursery trade and the home gardener.

“I saw an opportunity in the marketplace to combine the exotic flowers of the hobbyist style hibiscus with the attractive habit, disease resistance, and bud count of the commodity hibiscus on the market,” says Jim Berry, co-owner and developer of the Hollywood Hibiscus line. “After five years of breeding, I’ve achieved an extremely vibrant collection. The Hollywood Hibiscus plants showcase the best traits of both lines: fancy, long-lasting, exotic flowers, outstanding bud and bloom count, superior shrub qualities, and excellent disease resistance.”

For more information about the Hollywood Hibiscus Collection, contact Tamara Felux, Marketing and Brand Manager, at (210) 861-9275 or via email at tamara@jberrynursery.com. High-resolution images are available. Additional information about J. Berry Nursery and its products can be found at www.jberrynursery.com

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