Hollywood Hibiscus

Whether it’s adding lush color to a tropical landscape or brightening a balcony, each Hollywood™ Hibiscus showcases vivid, large, fancy blooms with rich color, while also possessing exceptional disease and pest resistance. There are more than two dozen plants in the collection, including Gold Digger, pictured here.

“I saw an opportunity in the marketplace to combine the exotic flowers of the hobbyist-style hibiscus with the attractive habit, disease resistance and bud count of the commodity hibiscus on the market,” says Jim Berry, co-owner of J. Berry Nursery and co-developer of the Hollywood™ Hibiscus line. “After years of breeding, we have achieved an extremely vibrant collection. The Hollywood™ Hibiscus plants showcase the best traits of both lines: fancy, long-lasting, exotic flowers, outstanding bud and bloom count, superior shrub qualities and excellent disease resistance.”

Hollywood Hibiscus are known for their:

  • High bud and bloom counts
  • Blooms that last multiple days 
  • Vivid and unique colors 
  • Compact growth habits 
  • Commercially friendly growth rates
  • Resistance to bacterial leaf spot and whiteflies
  • Dark green foliage that highlights the bright flower colors

To find a retailer or licensed grower, visit hollywoodhibiscus.com

Gold Digger
Gold Digger
Gold Digger