Double Sided Wooden Rack

New in our 2018 Spring Collection is the Double Sided Wooden Rack. This rack is perfect for center aisles and provides sight lines for a cleaner in-store look. It is excellent for displaying Package Units, Value Packs and Boxed Units. The rack is shoppable from two sides and can be placed side-by-side for an impactful display. Place header cards on the sides of the rack for additional signage.

Organic Veggie Shipper

This Organic Veggie Shipper consists of certified organic potatoes and garlic. This easy-to-set-up unit is small enough to fit in high-traffic areas on your sales floor, and holds 40 ready-to-sell packages. These quick-selling units are also a perfect fit near registers and end caps for impulse sales. Capitalize on the growing segment of consumers who like to know where their food comes from. Spring is for planting vegetables, and now is the time to order the OV-40 display.


Netherland Bulb is now offering Lilacs in bare root form. Sell Lilacs much earlier (mid-February) than you can in gallons by carrying them in bare root form in colorful, waterproof packaging. A much sought-after plant by consumers for their wonderful fragrance and breathtaking blooms. Easy to grow in full sun and adaptable to average soil conditions.