Heuchera ‘Wild Rose’

This new Heuchera from Walters Gardens and Proven Winners has color that can’t be missed. Rosy purple spring foliage darkens with age, but stays true purple through the season. Charcoal veining contrasts nicely with the purple color and intensifies with increased sun exposure. This variety will take both heat and humidity and still look great when summer comes to a close. ‘Wild Rose’ is an H. villosa hybrid and a vigorous grower. Growers and homeowners alike can appreciate the speed with which it grows to size and fills out a container. Try this perennial for its season long color and low maintenance. Zones 4-9.

‘Wild Rose’

Pulmonaria ‘Twinkle Toes’

Easily one of the most pleasant surprises of our year has been the overwhelming interest in Pulmonaria ‘Twinkle Toes’. We fell in love with this plant for its combination of beautiful periwinkle blue flowers and dappled foliage, and now we are delighted others are taking notice as well. An underused and often overlooked genus, Pulmonaria pairs well with shade garden classics like Hostas and ferns. Gardeners will also appreciate the cold hardiness of this perennial as a Zone 3 plant and its resistance to browsing deer and rabbits. Expect ‘Twinkle Toes’ to steal the show when it blooms in late spring. Zones 3-9.

‘Twinkle Toes’

Baptisia ‘Pink Lemonade’

A result of nearly two decades of Baptisia breeding, ‘Pink Lemonade’ is among the finest to come out of hybridizer Hans Hansen’s work. This bicolor plant begins with soft yellow flowers on charcoal stems. As the flowers age, they turn to a dusty raspberry-pink, with both colors appearing prominently on the plant at the same time. This perennial champions a sub group of the popular DECADENCE® Series, DECADENCE® DELUXE, because of its large, bold landscape presence. ‘Pink Lemonade’ will be a reliable landscape perennial for decades and become more drought tolerant once established. Plant ‘Pink Lemonade’ with purpose as it will not be easy to move once it settles in. Zones 4-9.

‘Pink Lemonade’

Anemone ‘Curtain Call Deep Rose’

Guaranteed to be one of the final performers in your garden, this fall-blooming Anemone carries color unique to the end of season. Dark rose pink flowers have a double row of petals and will appear beginning in late summer, continuing for many weeks. Try pairing this perennial with other late blooming perennials for a punch of color before the season ends. ‘Curtain Call Deep Rose’ is a short, very refined hybrid but does not lose any vigor for its size. Best performance will come with consistent watering; spreads through underground rhizomes. Zones 4-8.

‘Curtain Call Deep Rose’

Sedum ‘Superstar’

Beginner and experienced gardeners alike can appreciate the benefits of low-maintenance, easy-to-grow perennials like ‘Superstar’. This new Stonecrop from Walters Gardens and Proven Winners shows great vigor and performance in the landscape, with no lodging or flopping present in our trials. In late summer, this perennial will become the star of your garden, as rosy-pink flowers will completely cover the foliage. Hot pink carpels will intensify the color. Once blooming has been completed, dark purple seed heads will extend interest through fall. ‘Superstar’ can hold its own at the front of the border because of its dark foliage and long season of interest, but also has excellent quality as an accent in mixed perennial or succulent containers. Zones 3-9.