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Holiday video promos

As your customers catch the holiday spirit this season, so do garden centers across the globe. Showcasing all your business’ offerings and the inspirational displays you create can be fun and offer value to your garden center that goes beyond product or sale promotions. At Scarpellini Garden Center in Cesena, Italy, they put together this short video to highlight their Christmas makeover without saying a word. Take a trip through their garden center turned winter wonderland.

Watch it here:

What's trending on social media

Instagram: With 2019 right around the corner, we’ve been telling readers about our upcoming Garden Center Executive Summit in Denver, Colorado. Instagram followers responded enthusiastically to one event post, as it received dozens of likes. The educational conference will take place February 18-20, 2019, and allow best and brightest minds in the industry to collaborate.

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Your Turn

Each month, we ask readers a different question about their retail operations, inviting them to answer via email or social media. Send your answers to associate editor Giovanni Castelli at


“What has doing business in 2018 taught you, and what are your resolutions for 2019?”

Answers to this question will be published in a future issue of Garden Center.

5 stories in brief: Top industry news from our website

1. In Memoriam
Second-generation co-owner of Chalet in Wilmette, Illinois, Lawrence J. Thalmann, Jr., 88, passed away in October.
2. Ash borer map
New interactive tool shows the destruction in the U.S. caused by the emerald ash borer (EAB) over time.
3. Tragedy Strikes
Five-alarm fire destroys Wiley Farms in Townsend, Delaware.
4. 2019 Western
The annual event will be held January 16-18, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri.
5. Food Trends
Food security, fruit variety and modern markets are among the list of the 2019 top food trends from UF/IFAS

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