Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Bred by Thompson & Morgan

Available exclusively through Monrovia

How long has it been on the market?

New for spring 2019

Key features from breeder:
  • One plant produces 1,000 blooms during the growing season
  • Plant continuously blooms from spring to first frost
  • Day length neutral; blooms on shorter days
  • Seedless; puts all its energy into flowering
  • Heat tolerant, great in pots and hot, sunny borders. Flowers re-bound quickly after hot, dry spells

Rounded and compact

Photo Courtesy of Monrovia
Grows to height/width:

32 inches high by 40 inches wide

Sun/shade requirements:

Full sun to part shade

USDA Zone:

Annual to zone 11

Retail merchandising/display suggestions:

A SunBelievable Sales Kit that includes poster, bench tape and baseball caps is available, and it ties into the print, digital and social marketing campaign.