Customer tools & supplies


1. MFG #4WGC-D

Millside Industries Inc.

The MFG #4WGC-D cart features a double-tier deck, 4-inch-by-10-inch pneumatic swivel wheels on one end, 16-inch wheels on the other end, metal anti-tip steering, a 2-inch high cargo lip around the deck, a powder-coated finish and a 600-pound capacity.

The Perfect Plant®

2. The Perfect Plant®

The Marketing Garden

The Perfect Plant® is an interactive kiosk for your garden center and now also for your website! Acting as a silent salesman, it categorizes your thousands of plant SKUs into an easy to find fashion. The effort of searching for plants is reduced, and your customer interaction time is more efficient. The Perfect Plant® puts your plant information where you want it, at your customer’s fingertips. To learn more, schedule a demo now!

MFG #03562

3. MFG #03562

Millside Industries Inc.

The MFG #03562 cart features high-impact polypropylene material construction, 4-inch-by-10-inch pneumatic wheels with swivel wheels on one end, a 4-inch-high cargo lip around the deck, a black, powder-coated finish on the metal and a 300-pound carrying capacity.

Custom Trunk Mat

4. Custom Trunk Mat

The Trunk Mat Co.

A 30-cent mat is stronger advertising than a $500 or more newspaper ad or radio spot. Trunk mats serve several functions, keeping trunk mats in your customers’ possession longer and keeping your business’ name in front of your customers longer than a radio ad. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the category for all other advertising. A trunk mat is the most solid, economical way to promote your lawn and garden center. The Trunk Mat Co., 706-694-8855


Wildlife Fire Globe

1. Wildlife Fire Globe

Esschert Design

Our brand new fire globes are sure to attract your attention. Currently, there are two designs available: a wildlife scene and blowing leaves. We also have two sizes ranging from large to extra large. (Large: 24-inch diameter, extra large: 32-inch diameter). They are laser cut from 3mm thick steel, making them sturdy and long lasting. They are a two-piece design, with the base and globe separating for easy cleanup and transport.

HomeStone Fountains

2. HomeStone Fountains

HomeStone Imports

Each item in the fountain line from HomeStone Imports features intricacy and attention to detail. Models include Pebble Pots, Stacked Slate, Slate Tile, and Marble Tile — each hand-made into pieces that would be works of art even without the flowing water. They come in a variety of sizes and price points, too.

Single Hole Planter

3. Single Hole Planter


Featherock’s Small Single Hole Planter is now available in a small, half crate of 32 pieces or a regular crate of 64 pieces. Each option has its benefits, with the small crate reducing weight and freight cost, and the regular crate earning an additional 10 percent volume discount. The Small Single Hole Planter is Featherock’s most popular sized pumice planter! Try it as an accent in a fairy garden or as the star of a succulent arrangement workshop.

Tom’s Truck Planter

4. Tom’s Truck Planter

The Brookfield Co.

Only from The Brookfield Co. can you get the detail, unique quality and fine finish in weather-durable concrete garden accessories. To see the entire collection, visit our website. Contact us for pricing and shipping quotes — email:, phone: 706-375-8530. All Brookfield products are proudly made in Georgia.

Leaves Fire Globe

5. Leaves Fire Globe

Esschert Design

Create a cozy patio setting as you watch the flames dance around the blowing leaves scene from this unique fire globe. They are laser cut from 3mm thick steel, making them sturdy and long lasting. Two-piece design, with the base and globe separating for easy cleanup and transport. 24-inch diameter.

LunaLite™ Solar Vases

6. LunaLite Solar Vases

Echo Valley

Enjoy the beauty of rooting plants and cut wild flowers at night with Echo Valley’s® new collection of LunaLite Solar Vases. Individually produced from hand-blown glass, these lustrous works of art are heavy to the touch and gorgeous to the eye. A depression in the bottom of the vase provides space for a solar cell to be mated to it. The white LED integrated in the solar panel of the module comes on at night and fills the vessel with light, illuminating any plant you have in it. The wire hanger included allows the vase to be hung under a sill so that it can be used indoors in addition to outside. Available in three luminous colors. Call Echo Valley® at 800-592-9678 for more information or visit them on the web.

Stone Containers

7. Stone Containers

HomeStone Imports

HomeStone Imports is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality and handmade natural stone containers. The company manufactures containers with a variety of pebble, slate, and marble finishes. Shown here is the Stacked Slate finish. Although many containers are used as water features, the PT-048M-SS set was specifically designed as a decorative planter.

Large Lion Planter

8. Large Lion Planter

The Brookfield Co.

Brookfield’s Large Lion Planter is the largest of the Lion Group of Planters. Exquisite detail and finish, this concrete planter enhances its surroundings! Visit our website to see the entire collection. Contact the company for pricing and shipping info — email:, phone: 706-375-8530.

Mocha Knitted Shade Cloth

9. Mocha Knitted Shade Cloth

DeWitt Company

Add beauty and protection from the sun to your home with DeWitt’s new Mocha Knitted Shade Cloth. DeWitt’s quality knitted shade cloth is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene and holds up under the most extreme solar conditions.

American Made Wood Signs

10. American Made Wood Signs

VJ Studio

100% American made wood signs for all seasons. Home & garden selections starting at $3.95. Uniquely handmade and distressed pine signs, perfect for the everyday or seasonal displays. VJ Studio features hundreds of sayings in all genres. Exclusively created for your customers. 973-948-0093

Solar Pumpkin Carriage Planter

11. Solar Pumpkin Carriage Planter

Echo Valley

Treat your miniature garden fairies and their friends to the lap of luxury with Echo Valley’s new Solar Pumpkin Carriage Planter. The vehicle is reminiscent of the lighted chariot from the classic fairy tale Cinderella, with its pulsating micro-LED illuminated stays and wagon wheels. The planter comes complete with a coco liner that can be transformed into a living, breathing miniature oasis by day that can be equally enjoyed at night! The Pumpkin Carriage Planter comes attractively gift boxed and includes a solar rechargeable battery that powers the micro-LED string lights. Contact Echo Valley at 734-347-2597 for more information or visit them online.


COL-MET Table Top Sign Holders

1. COL-MET Table Top Sign Holders

Collier Metal Specialties LTD

Easy, convenient and sturdy, the COL-MET self-standing one piece table top sign holder can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays. The galvanized or durable powder-coat finish is available in green, brown, black, red, white or blue colors. Several sizes are also available. American Made. American Strong. 800-829-8225

Flower Tower

2. Flower Tower

Eckert’s Greenhouse

Bring the “wow” to your garden center entrance with our pole displays. Bring the “wow” to your local cities with our Water-and Labor-saving baskets. Bring the “wow” to your retail customers with our Weekender Baskets. All of our baskets have an unheard of 10-year warranty. Our iron fits on any type of pole, round or square, 3 to 8 inches. Beautifying the U.S. and Canada from backyard to main street.

COL-MET Sign Holders

3. COL-MET Sign Holders

Collier Metal Specialties LTD

Signs educate. Signs persuade. Signs sell. COL-MET is the largest manufacturer of steel galvanized nursery sign holders in the industry. COL-MET Sign Holders are made with prime galvanized steel for indoor or outdoor use. Galvanized sign holders are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and are an economical, durable alternative to plastic signs that fade and crack outdoors. COL-MET also manufactures a variety of special purpose sign holders designed specifically for garden centers. American Made. American Strong. 800-829-8225

Garden gear

All-Day Waterproof Comfort Footwear

1. All-Day Waterproof Comfort Footwear


What’s makes a day in the garden better? Easy clean up and comfortable shoes. That is why most gardeners and homesteaders say Sloggers® shoes are their go-to shoes for doing outdoor projects. Sloggers’ All-Day Comfort Waterproof Footwear are available as slip-on shoes, ankle boots and 10-inch boots in many colorful prints. Sloggers are Made In USA. Find Sloggers online or at retailers across North America now here: Join their online community at

Natural Pumice Rock

2. Natural Pumice Rock


Featherock’s 100 percent natural pumice rock is safe in fire features and can be used as an alternative to lava rock. Pumice combines the natural, rugged look of lava rock with the modern style of fire pit glass. Available in ¼-inch gravel to 6-inch cobbles in 5-pound bags or bulk bags. This is the perfect product for both DIY landscapers and professionals alike!


Hydretain Hose-End Quart

1. Hydretain Hose-End Quart

Ecologel Solutions, LLC

Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager reduces the watering requirements of lawns, landscapes and gardens by up to 50 percent or more. Not a wetting agent or polymer, Hydretain is a blend of hygroscopic humectants that convert soil moisture vapor into water droplets that plants can use. This process improves water and nutrients uptake to help plants thrive, even under heat and drought stress. Easy-to-use hose end sprayer covers 5,000 sq. ft. Kid and pet friendly. Available in 48-piece profit center display.


2. Pro-Bloom


Pro-Bloom provides ingredients to enhance blooming of flowers and fruiting of fruits and vegetables: 3 percent nitrogen, 20 percent phosphorous, 17 percent potassium and chelated micronutrients are available to enhance growth and development. Plants with high levels of phosphorus have an increased tolerance to many stress conditions; phosphorus levels help plants recover from injury more rapidly. There are also reports that phosphorus plays a key role in reducing disease infections. Potassium has many roles in the plant including the opening and closing of stomata; this is particularly important in providing nutrient uptake through the leaves.


3. Quadgrow

SunBlaster Lighting

The Quadgrow holds 30 liters of water, releasing it to the roots as the plants need it. Ideal for growing tomatoes, beans, aubergines, peas, peppers and anything else that is a little larger. The Quadgrow can also be moved indoors when desired.

The Salad Box

4. The Salad Box


The Salad Box, available exclusively from Hydrofarm, is great for anyone who wants to keep a constant supply of fresh salad greens and herbs handy and ready for harvesting. It can be used outdoors or indoors under grow lights, and fits perfectly under Hydrofarm’s Jump Start 2-foot T5 Grow Light System. Using a passive hydroponics method, the Salad Box requires no electricity and very little maintenance. Featuring 8 plant sites, the Salad Box includes everything needed (except the water) to turn seedlings into salad. Comes with 8 “Root Wraps,” reservoir tray, lid, top-off bottle, net cups, drain plugs and nutrients.

Greenhouses — from Retail to Research and Commercial to Residential

5. Greenhouses — from Retail to Research and Commercial to Residential

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is a Mobile, Alabama-based business that specializes in nothing but greenhouses and related supplies. Our greenhouse kits are used throughout the country and beyond by homeowners, educational facilities, scientists and commercial growers. We are family-owned and have been since 1946. For over 70 years, our mission has been to design, develop, and manufacture the best environmentally specific conservatories, greenhouses, sun rooms, pool enclosures, and skylights in the world. We analyze our customers’ expectations and combine their ideas with our technology to create the ideal environment. Our architectural innovations have the ultimate goal of creating long-lasting structures, which are the perfect blend of design and purpose. Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality greenhouses at the lowest possible pricing has made us the most trusted name in the industry.

Seed Tape

6. Seed Tape

Olds Garden Seed

Seed tape is convenient, easy to use and eliminates thinning as seeds are evenly spaced on the paper tape. Countertop display can be merchandised by your seed display and multiple placements on endcaps and register checkout counters.

Nutra GelTM

7. Nutra GelTM


A unique and advanced slow release fertilizer that is superior to others. Essential nutrients required by plants are infiltrated with this gel. These nutrients are in a specially balanced formula designed for optimum plant growth. This gel can hold up to 200 — 400 times its own weight in water, which helps retain moisture in the soil. Nutra Gel provides continuous fertilization for up to 4 to 6 months. Best of all, it is easy to use and it enhances your plants and soils nutrition. This product is great for hanging baskets and containers, and wonderful in the spring for transplanting.

Hydretain Granular 15 lb. Bag

8. Hydretain Granular 15 lb. Bag

Ecologel Solutions, LLC

University-tested and proven through years of use on golf, sports turf and commercial landscapes, Hydretain reduces watering, eliminates dry spots and delays the time to wilt for all types of plants. Use on existing landscapes or new installs. The easy-to-apply Hydretain Granular is on an organic compost carrier, which can be spread, broadcast or top dressed. 15 lb. bag covers up to 6,000 sq. ft. Kid- and pet-friendly. Available in a 30-piece profit center display.

Fertilizer and Water Manager Display

9. Fertilizer and Water Manager Display


Increase your profits and offer your customers a one-stop shop to a more bountiful garden with Arborjet’s Fertilizer & Water Manager Display! The display comes shoppable and pre-stocked with NutriRoot®, ARBORChar 5-6-4 All Purpose Grow, and 3-6-4 Root, Flower & Fruit Premium Fertilizer and Biochar Blends. Designed with extra messaging to help you sell these unique products and stocked with a variety of sizes, you’ll meet the growing needs of any home gardener.


10. Duogrow

SunBlaster Lighting

The Duogrow holds 12 liters of water, releasing it to the roots of the plants in its two pots, as and when the plants need it. This is a great garden for any patio or sundeck. Move your Duogrow indoors with the addition of SunBlaster Lighting and accessories and grow all year round.

Kitchen Garden Kit

11. Kitchen Garden Kit

Botanical Interests

Our Kitchen Garden Kit includes Wonder Soil Organic Seedling Mix, which is made from renewable coconut fiber (a sustainable alternative to peat), and is specially formulated for microgreens and baby greens; a perforated growing tray; a solid drip tray; and a clear dome lid to ensure high humidity — the perfect environment for your seedlings. Instruction booklet included for your growing success!

Garden Center Greenhouse Enclosures

12. Garden Center Greenhouse Enclosures

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Typically, a garden center is a uniquely designed structure for retail selling. Ideally, it is a complete and comprehensive retail facility with areas for living plants, hard good products, storage, shipping and receiving. To develop such a project, our team is at your disposal. After careful evaluation of the technical considerations, we can help design the total project. Within the design, we take all aspects of the project into account, such as equipment, interior layout, security provisions and most importantly, your specific needs. Within our comprehensive range of structures and products, the amount of possibilities are endless. With our flexible design options, structures to meet all criteria are available, whether these are classic or modern. Call us today to begin the process! Toll-Free: 800-531-4769


13. Fix-N-Grow

Olds Garden Seed

Fix-N-Grow is a legume inoculant, a mixture of beneficial bacteria suspended in easy-to-use granules. These bacteria take free atmospheric nitrogen and attach it to the roots of beans, peas and cowpeas, where it is converted and used by plants.

Sunburst CMh System

14. Sunburst CMh System


Exclusively available from Hydrofarm, the new Sunburst CMh System combines two extremely popular products — the Sunburst and Phantom CMh systems — into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to small spaces with the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format. The Sunburst CMh has a built-in digital ballast designed specifically to run the 315W ceramic metal halide lamp (included), which in this system operates in the horizontal position. The reflector’s interior is 95 percent hammertone aluminum and offers excellent uniformity and diffusion. Offered in two different lamp color temperature options: 3100K or 4200K and features dual input voltage 120-240V. Carries a 3-year warranty.

Plants and seeds

Amaryllis Grand Prix Indoor Growing Kit

1. Amaryllis Grand Prix Indoor Growing Kit

Netherland Bulb Co.

The Amaryllis Grand Prix Indoor Growing Kit is built to add beautiful color this winter. The gift kit includes one ceramic planter, one large Amaryllis bulb, growing medium, burlap bag, bow, and gift tag with planting instructions. The ceramic pot is 5 inches by 5¾ inches and comes in three colors: bordeaux, cream and gray. They are available October through December.

Superbells Tropical Sunrise calibrachoa

2. Superbells Tropical Sunrise calibrachoa

Proven Winners

This calibrachoa offers a unique color pattern of orange, pink and coral tones along with a rounded habit. Look forward to better flower coverage than Superbells Tequila Sunrise and blooms appearing even earlier. The flowers are held well above the foliage, and Tropical Sunrise has been screened specifically for resistance to Thielaviopsis. Grows 6 to 10 inches high with a spread of 12 to 24 inches. Full sun.

Paperwhites Indoor Growing Kit

3. Monarda Bee-YouTM Bee-Happy’ PPAF

Plants Nouveau

Bees love them. Growers love them. These new bee balms are mildew free, covered in flowers, the perfect size and available in colors to bring any outdoor space to life. Imagine a well-behaved, compact, vermillion red version of Jacob Cline and you have ‘Bee-Happy.’ This beauty looks great in combination with chartreuse-leaved grasses and annuals, pale-blue salvias and nepetas; and it attracts so many pollinators, we stopped counting.

Monarda Bee-YouTM Bee-Happy’ PPAF

4. Paperwhites Indoor Growing Kit

Netherland Bulb Co.

The Paperwhites Indoor Growing Kit includes one ceramic planter, Paperwhite bulbs, growing medium, burlap bag, bow, and gift tag with planting instructions. The ceramic pot is 5 inches by 5¼ inches and comes in two colors: gold and blue. They are available October through December.

Pixie Plants

5. Pixie Plants

Central Florida Ferns & Foliage

The Central Florida Ferns & Foliage Pixie Plants mix is a collection of ferns, foliage and succulents for glass terrarium gardens, container mini-gardens or succulent gardens. Its fern selection includes Pteris, mahogany, maidenhair, bird’s nest, Boston types, Selaginella, Autumn, Korean rock and more; to Ficus, ivy, begonias, Peperomia, Fittonia, Pilea, Hypoestes, palms and baby tears. The 2-inch garden plants give mini gardens variety, texture and interest.

Supertunia ‘Picasso in Purple’ petunia

6. Supertunia ‘Picasso in Purple’ petunia

Proven Winners

‘Picasso in Purple’ extends this line of bicolor blooms to now include a trending color — purple. Expect improved branching, habit and flower coverage over foliage that is darker in color. This is an all-season bloomer with heat and humidity tolerance. Grows 8 to 12 inches high with a spread of 24 to 36 inches. Full sun.


Weed Dragon®

1. Weed Dragon®

Flame Engineering

The Weed Dragon® propane torch kit is perfect for naturally controlling weeds around the home, in gardens or in the yard. It also works great to eliminate the freeze/thaw effect on those winter days. When the sidewalk or driveway has been cleared, use the Weed Dragon® to first melt the thin layer of snow, second to sweep the moisture to the side and third, continuing to dry the affected area, eliminating the freeze/thaw effect.

Leaf & Debris Tarps

2. Leaf & Debris Tarps

DeWitt Company

DeWitt’s Leaf & Debris Tarps are made from a permeable, heavy duty-fabric complete with built in loop handles. Leaf & Debris Tarps are great for landscaping and lawn maintenance projects and designed specifically to withstand the weight and sharp edges of any waste material. The simple design makes it easy to transport various materials. 3.2 oz polypropylene, which is resistant to tearing and puncturing Built in loop handles allow for easy maneuvering and transporting Multipurpose fabric great for landscaping and maintenance projects One Company. One Call. Over 600 Products! 800-888-9669

Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

3. Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

Southwest Agri-Plastics

Southwest Agri-Plastics is proud to offer Dura-Bench Original and Dura-Bench Ultra plastic bench tops. All Dura-Bench products are engineered to replace wood, wire and expanded metal on greenhouse benches at a comparable price. The non-porous polypropylene plastic material eliminates rot, cracks, splinters, rust and sharp edges that are found on other types of bench tops.

Pro Line Battery-Powered Tools

4. Pro Line Battery-Powered Tools

Greenworks Tools

The Greenworks Tools 80V Pro Line of battery-powered garden tools include the 80V Pro Lawn Mower, leaf blower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, string trimmer, snow thrower and more. All tools are powered by an 80-volt battery intended to replace gas-powered equipment with equal performance. The 80V Pro Lawn Mower boasts a 60-minute run time on one 30-minute charge.

Mini Dragon

5. Mini Dragon

Flame Engineering

The Mini-Dragon™ offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, its effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-Dragon™ is powered by clean burning propane from a small 14-ounce to 1 pound propane cylinder, (not included) providing up to 1 ½ hours of flaming time. Ideal for spot weeding or thawing small, iced up areas.

Stainless Steel Daisy Grubber

6. Stainless Steel Daisy Grubber

Joseph Bentley

Deep taproots are no problem for this little powerhouse! The ingenious design allows you to burrow down with laser accuracy and rip out that troublesome weed at its base! The daisy grubber is constructed of ultra-durable polished steel and FSC certified oak, with a contoured handle that’s easy to grip and very comfortable. There’s no substitute for quality, and you will find this to be one of your finest and favorite garden tools!

Wind Chimes

Arabesque® Wind Chimes

1. Arabesque® Wind Chimes

QMT Windchimes

Built upon our best-selling Corinthian Bells® wind chimes, Arabesque are a sophisticated hand-tuned chime that’s dressed to impress. Engraved silver rings sparkle like gemstones. An intricate lacy texture and a glossy finish give Arabesque chimes a sophisticated look and feel. A curved wind sail enhances the chime’s performance, and decorative scallops add elegance to its design. Available in four colors (Onyx, Garnet, Emerald and Sapphire) and five sizes (29, 36, 44, 50 and 59 inches). Made in the USA.

The Nashville®

2. The Nashville®

Music of the Spheres

The Nashville®, a Music of the Spheres original composition, encompasses the complexities of the major seventh and ninth intervals of the pedal steel guitar. It evokes the serenity of a peaceful Highland Rim sunset.

Wind Bells Collection

3. Wind Bells Collection

North Country Wind Bells

North Country Wind Bells® designs and creates these original and authentic wind bells on the rugged coast of Maine since 1975. Themes include Nautical, Wilderness, Whimsical and Pets too! There are six collections and over 61 melodies to choose from that fits in any storefront in any part of the country. Retailers tell us all the time that our wind bells are great hits for gift giving for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings and even bereavements. Proudly made in Maine, USA!

Kromatix Wind Chimes

4. Kromatix Wind Chimes

QMT Windchimes

Let the wind ring wild with Kromatix wind chimes, new from QMT Windchimes! Kromatix boasts four vibrant colors and an appetite for fun. These bold colors brighten your spirit and will add interest to any décor. Hand-tuned and made in the USA. Kromatix chimes are hand-tuned and centrally pinned for excellent, long lasting sound.

Double Tinkler Chime

5. Double Tinkler Chime

Bottle Benders

Our chimes are 100 percent hand-made in America. The chimes show up nicely on a patio or in a garden and are sure to enchant those nearby with their delightful tinkling. Give your customers something new this spring! Wholesale prices start at $8. With more than 100 styles to choose from, we have a chime for everyone!

Tree of Life Chime

6. Tree of Life Chime

Woodstock Chimes

The Crystal Fantasy — Tree of Life features a stylized tree with two birds in its branches and a cascade of green and clear crystals, ending in a stunning clear crystal almond-shaped drop. The beauty of the piece and the deep symbolism of the tree of life make it a lovely and meaningful gift.