There are more places companies can tell their stories than ever before. Customers can browse “about us” pages, blog posts, social media feeds, review sites and more to get information about a business before determining if they will shop or dine there. Some stories, like those on Instagram or Facebook, disappear after a day, but most posts live on the internet and are searchable for years. Other people can also share stories about your business from their perspective on Yelp and on social media pages. Unsolicited testimonials can be a great way to drive business, but what happens when customers’ stories are negative or seem unfair? With so much information to filter through, how do you make your story “stick” and get customers to remember you? Video is a powerful, popular medium, but what if you aren’t comfortable on camera? This collection of articles answer those questions and more about how to navigate the modern media landscape and effectively tell your company’s story:

'Tell the truth and tell it first'
Negative press happens, but there are ways garden centers can prepare and make the right choices when it does.

How stories can help you sell
Tales of plants and your business resonate with customers. Here are opportunities when you can tell them.

Embrace modern media
Consumers and retailing have changed, as has media. Here’s how to reach today’s customers.

Getting ready for your close-up
Ryan McEnaney of Bailey provides five tips to feel prepared and confident on-screen as a gardening expert.

Ryan McEnaney of Bailey shares gardening tips on Twin Cities Live, a weekday afternoon show produced by the local ABC affiliate. In this segment recorded in July 2018, he talked about the best plants to buy at garden centers in the summer that will bloom into the fall and shared cut flower arrangement tips. He appears on the show regularly.