Diamantina Dipladena

Bred by Ball Ingenuity, available through Botany Lane Greenhouse
Tourmaline Intense Fuchsia
How long has it been on the market?

New introduction for 2019-2020

Sun/shade requirements

Sun or mid shade

USDA Zones

Zone 9-11 but can overwinter in a container indoors in colder climates


Bush type

Grows to height/width

15 to 20 inches

Consumer care requirements

Diamantinas thrive in warm days and temperate to cooler nights. This makes them suitable for summers everywhere and a winter crop in frost-free areas

Container suggestions

Grow in sizes ranging from 6-inch containers to solo large pots or mixed containers.

Colors to come

In 2020 the line is set to expand with orange-coral bicolor choices in both bush (Jade Series) and vining (Opal series), and this deep fuchsia bush type, part of the Tourmaline Series, will complement the pale pink Tourmaline Bush Pink that’s available now.

Key features

Both bush and vining types from the Diamantina series bloom earlier than other Mandevilla/Dipladenia varieties and keep going when the mercury climbs — but the real reason why home gardeners go for these plants is the color.