Grow with BioSafe

BioSafe Systems’ line of garden, pond and around the home products uses the same powerful and effective formulas that professional growers have been using in their applications for years, just in smaller sizes for the homeowner. Our BioSafe Disease Control and BioSafe Weed Control are OMRI Listed for organic use, giving gardeners peace of mind.

Retail products compared to the commerical products:

  • BioSafe Disease Control — OxiDate 2.0 Fungicide/Bactericide
  • BioSafe Disease Control — ZeroTol 2.0 Fungicide/Bactericide
  • BioSafe Weed Control — AXXE Broad-Spectrum Herbicide

Healthier Ponds with the Leading Algaecide

For years, homeowners have been seeing amazing results with GreenClean Algaecide. GreenClean is an EPA registered, non-copper algaecide that outperforms the competition. Available in granular (for string algae) and liquid (for green water algae).

Recommend GreenClean all season long for water features such as backyard ponds, koi ponds, fountains and pondless waterfalls. GreenClean works through powerful oxidation, breaking down algae cells while adding oxygen into the water. You can actually see GreenClean working! Directions are easily understood and all products are safe for fish, birds, pets or aquatic life.

Greenclean Algaecide breaks down algae cells while adding oxygen into all kinds of water features.

Why People Trust BioSafe

“As a teacher of organic programs and proponent of natural-organic products, I am delighted to be associated with BioSafe Systems and their high quality products. From their non-toxic herbicides to the hydrogen peroxide-based pond treatments and disease control, BioSafe’s products are effective and conveniently packaged for easy use. I once had to recommend generic products with improper or no labeling at all, but no more. Now I recommend (and use myself) — BioSafe.”
Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, Healthy Living and Growing Radio Show

“I recommend BioSafe products because they WORK, they are ORGANIC and they are SAFE. That is something everyone should have around their home.”
Paul Parent, who has been on the radio providing expert gardening advice to listeners in New England for the last 32 years.

BioSafe Systems — Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.

We strive to do things in a natural, organic way. We believe that every product should be safe for not only the person using it, but also for their families, pets and the surrounding environment. BioSafe Systems products do not leave a harmful footprint. Our chemistries have been tested and proven to do what they say they will do.

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