Not many garden décor companies remain in business longer than ten years, let alone three and a half decades. Echo Valley® is no ordinary company, given its rich history and status as a market leader. As they celebrate their 35th anniversary, Echo Valley® has no intention of resting on its laurels. As V.P. of Sales Michael Bodo says, “To survive this long in a competitive, fashion-driven business, you must continually innovate and reinvent yourself. Our history is not only a testament to this, but our new products exemplify our core mission.”

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than Echo Valley’s new line of solar-powered Edison style lanterns or, as they affectionately call them, Edi-Sol Lights. Echo Valley® is the first consumer products company to take what has traditionally been an indoor lighting concept and made it viable for outdoor use. As Bodo states, “Given the current popularity of Edison lighting, we felt if there were a way to find an outdoor application that didn’t require AC power, it could potentially be big! The initial response thus far has exceeded our expectations, and we are only getting started.”

Solar Spirit Orbs
WindWheelsTM Yard Stakes
Edi-SolTM Lights

Several years ago, Echo Valley had another first with its introduction of a solar cell with an integrated LED concealed inside a translucent glass lamp. However, the technology had not progressed to the point where the modules could dependably illuminate an opaque (non-translucent) glass object until now. This next-generation solar technology is employed in Echo Valley’s new Solar Spirt Orbs. These beautifully crafted, hand-blown glass spheres not only bring color to the yard or garden during the day, but are mesmerizing to view at night! According to Bodo, “The most intriguing aspect of our Solar Spirit Orbs is what you don’t see, which is the unsightly solar panel located atop of the sphere.”

Not every innovation involves advancements in solar or electronic technology. Looking to give a boost to its WindWheels line of kinetic yard stakes, Echo Valley® stepped outside of the box of metal-only sculptures and are introducing several models in 2017 with translucent stays produced from epoxy done in vibrant colors and patterns. The new models have a Tiffany stained glass appearance to them and are unlike anything currently on the market.

When asked what their secret to longevity was, Bodo replied, “Having exciting, innovative products consumers want is only part of the overall success equation. You need to back it up with exemplary customer service, as one cannot exist without the other. I am proud to be associated with a company in which nearly all of its core employees have been here 15 years or more. I think this familiarity strongly appeals to our customers, seeing that the majority are on a first-name basis with us.”

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