Independent garden center operators are continually looking for new, effective ways to increase top line growth while differentiating themselves and their product lines. At Eco Personal Garden, we understand the search. Our products have design features to easily assist you in creating new interest from customers and added sales.

So, why are these products different? We are the sole supplier of these oversized designs proudly made in the USA. The molded double wall construction allows an air pocket to form between the walls, providing strength without the weight found in larger cast resin planters. These containers provide sturdy tiered planting chambers, allowing top and frontal viewing to compliment vertical planting designs. The UV-protected plastic lasts through the seasons if left outdoors.

With miniature and small-space gardening back in popularity, our products provide a hassle-free solution to explore your creativity. Our products can be retailed planted or unplanted, used indoors or out, as a single showpiece or incorporated into a larger gardenscape.

Terra Cotta Broken Pot
Oasis Garden
Acorn Garden
Walnut Garden

Our garden center partners have the option to design an interesting and lasting practical showpiece your customers will cherish.

Whether you have a dedicated fairy garden department, are a florist or a landscape designer, our products provide a sturdy frame for your design team’s creativity. If you currently spend time cutting or breaking terra-cotta pots, you will appreciate the work, time and mess we have removed at the design level. With ample planting pockets, it lends itself well to moving more nursery stock, or to the floral markets for corporate or personal gift ideas and the landscape designer searching for new commercial or residential applications. With resurgence of growth in the miniature market, many garden centers hesitate to make financial commitments to stock the supplies, accessories and plants to a dedicated fairy/miniature garden department.

Eco Personal Garden encourages you to test the waters before taking the next big step to grab the miniature enthusiast market share. Our products are suitable for annuals, herbs or seasonal plantings and allow you to also market them as a miniature garden planter before you take on the obligation of a new department.

Currently carrying miniature and fairy garden supplies? Let your design team create a niche for special order themed plantings or gifts for your customers. Using our uniquely shaped oversized pots as planted displays will draw fascinated and curious customers into your miniature garden department. Selling either planted or unplanted will promote sales of accessories and plants from your existing stock. On average, our pots hold 6 plants and 3 accessories, making our planters a customer favorite.

An added value with our products is they adapt perfectly in other departments when planted to move annuals, herbs, and seasonals.

In 2017 we launch The Oasis Planter, with a solar water feature — and The Butterfly Garden, from eggs to butterflies! See our additional product line on our website.

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