Unleash your customers’ creativity with the Featherock® line of natural pumice boulders, planters, gravel, fire feature rock and carvings! Formed by the volcanic eruptions of the Mono Craters starting 40,000 years ago in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Featherock pumice adds a rustic, timeless element to any landscape. At only a quarter of the weight of granite, volcanic pumice is the lightweight, logical choice for DIY gardeners and professional landscapers alike.

The unique composition of Featherock allows even beginners to carve and sculpt unique pieces of garden art or custom planters. (Our in-house artisan sculptor creates handmade mushrooms, bunnies, owls and bears to order as well.) From carving a single boulder into a custom birdbath to creating your own succulent and cacti soil mix with our ¼ inch gravel, pumice is a diverse material that can be used in many areas of gardening and landscaping — and the best part is that it is 100% natural! A Featherock workshop is a fun way to highlight some of our most popular DIY projects for customers to try.

Featherock also offers Sierra Artisan® pre-made planters in several complementing styles. Mix and match single, double, or triple hole planters in the garden for a landscape unlike any other. Envision trailing succulents naturally spilling over the sides of a marbled grey stone adding a dramatic and dynamic element to the garden. Sierra Artisan Mini Planters in single or double hole varieties are also available for miniature succulents and air plants. Hang them in macramé pot holders, decorate them with live moss, or even build a DIY plant bar where customers can build the perfect Featherock planter.

Inspire your customers to refresh their landscape this spring with easy to install Featherock boulders and gravel. Light enough to move by hand, Featherock makes natural stone accessible to those wanting to add rock to their landscape without the hassle of heavy-equipment. Our gravel comes in convenient 5 pound bags (or larger supersacks) and is available in ¼ inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch or 2 inch and can be used as decorative cover for gardens, fire pit media, and soil amendment. Our comprehensive line of pumice products will transform a yard into a natural work of art.

Featherock is available at rock yards and garden centers nationwide.

Fire pit rock
Sierra Artisan Mini Planter
Landscaping boulders
Artisan sculptures

For more information, please email sales@featherock.com or call (818) 882-0300. Check out featherock.com for DIY ideas and customer projects!