Going into 2017, Melrose is excited to offer retailers more variety than ever before. From outdoor accessories to home décor to holiday giftables, Melrose can be your go-to wholesaler this year.

Melrose product is stylish and on-trend, providing year-round profits for your garden center.

Spring Profits

We’ve tailored our Home & Garden line to appeal to customers looking for both indoor and outdoor décor. From traditional garden statues and solar stakes to on-trend lanterns and décor, Melrose gives you options to maximize your sales. Melrose offers garden-center-specific collections that are in season and stylish through the end of summer to make sure you have a variety of options available to your customers all season long.

Winter Profits

Customers usually don’t think of garden centers as their go-to stop for holiday shopping, but with Melrose products in your store, it will allow you to have a year-round plan to increase profits with a variety of collections and items you can tailor to your customers needs. Go-to items such as tabletop décor and lanterns will make it easy for the customers who want to grab and go. Plus, with a variety of everyday items integrated in our new 2017 Home & Holiday line, you can carry product through the seasons with the simple change of foliage, greenery and ribbon!

Year-round Profits

Beyond our trend-right collections and best selling product, Melrose gives customers the opportunity to maximize profits year-round. While others may have cut off dates for ordering seasonal products and quickly sell out of their top selling items, Melrose works hard to be sure we have the right product and the right stock when you need to place an order.

What most customers don’t realize is that pre-booking at market is the secret behind Melrose’s ability to offer ready-to-ship product throughout the entire year.

We look at all the orders placed during the shows and use them to determine our most popular items. This allows us to adjust the quantity of our orders to make sure we meet your demands all year. This means you get what you ordered at the show and can confidently reorder product when you need to!

You can make an appointment to prebook your Holiday 2017 online at www.melroseintl.com/appointment, or give us a call at (800) 282-2144.

For more information, visit www.melroseintl.com