We would like to share some of the best tips and practices our combined sales force has seen throughout the country. We want to share this knowledge with you so that you can prepare to have the best spring sales season yet.

Display and Location

Bulbs are an impulse item and need to be displayed in a highly visible location. Move your bulb displays into the high traffic areas on your sales floor, and as close to the registers as your floor plan allows. The aisles of your store should be wide enough to accommodate customers, and the layout should encourage traffic to flow from the front of the store to the back. Identify the display needed and make a planogram.

  • Manage the presentation
  • Monitor displays: are they consolidated, restocked and neat?
  • Check that price signs are visible and effective
  • Place POP materials in correct location
  • Maintain a full display in the peak selling period
A bulb display merchandised by color order makes it easier for consumers to browse the display and is more appealing to the eyes.

Grouping and Color

When merchandising bulbs, we advise you to “group” bulbs first by type and variety, and then in color order within each type. Various retailers, from clothing to furniture to flowers, merchandise by color order. When consumers look at a display, they usually scan a display from left to right. A bulb display merchandized by color order makes it easier for consumers to browse the display and is more appealing to the eyes.

In the example below, Dahlias have been grouped first by type (Dinner plate) and then by color order. When merchandising by color order, start with the warmer colors on the left (red, pink) to cooler colors on the right of the display (purple, black).

Creating a Lifestyle

When deciding how to present product in your store, always remember that visual merchandising is an extension of your store’s customer experience. When planning for your store’s look, feel, and product presentation, you must make sure to create a visual impact: make it a feast for the senses. Shopping isn’t just about picking up a product. It’s about impulse, attraction, and creating a memorable impression that will encourage the customer to come back over and over again.

Simple ways to create a lifestyle

  • Dress up the display with plants and/or forced bulbs
  • Use natural products like hay and pumpkins
  • Use an old shed as background
  • Use our bulk bulbs for a non-big box store look
  • Display indoor product as it would be used in a home
  • Cross merchandising

Cross merchandising refers to the merchandising of related products in the same display to earn additional revenues for the store. Products from different categories are displayed together at one place for the customer to find a relation among them and realize they might need more products.

Items to Cross Merchandise with Bulbs

  • Bulb planters and other garden tools
  • Patio containers
  • Potting soil
  • Books
  • Fertilizer
  • Gloves

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