Since 1922, Novelty Manufacturing Co. has been successfully producing high-quality planting containers in both metal and plastic, and decorating nearly every home in America. By 2005, the bar was raised as consumer demand called for elevated style in color, design, and composition. Accessory markets called for something unique and different, something more upscale than regular everyday plastic.

Novelty focused on this trend, and introduced the ArtStone collection of planters — composed of a unique blend of stone and resin — satisfying a buying niche that was more discriminating, savvy and budget-conscious.

Square Ella pots

Rave Reviews

ArtStone planters are not only beautiful, lightweight, and durable — they come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, too. ArtStone has evolved into a rapidly popular line for many independent garden centers across the U.S. ArtStone pots and planters are the preferred, premier planter of choice, as Joe DiDominica, co-owner of Dees’ Nursery & Florist, shares:

“Our Novelty ArtStone planter area is some of the most profitable square footage in our store. We feel it is our most attractive line of resin planters, and our customers love the designs. The shelves are a vending machine for our business.”

Elegant Solo with Luna Round planter


One major benefit of ArtStone pots and planters is the integrated, unique Water-Minder™ feature. This special feature includes a disc insert in every pot that separates the soil from the water reservoir. The reservoir stores any excess water, and the plant can rehydrate itself as needed, allowing for fewer waterings between and more time for fun! A rubber plug eliminates the need for a tray or saucer when used indoors. It can be easily removed outdoors to allow any excess rainwater to drain, while still maintaining a reserve of water for the plant.

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All the obvious reasons: merchandised for success with bold shelf appeal, ArtStone planters are reasonably priced with outstanding features and benefits. This well-rounded line is durable, lightweight, and provides for easy mix-and-match ability; beautifying both indoor and outdoor settings. From wall pots to tall pots, round to square, the ArtStone collection offers something for everyone.

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