Wind chimes sell well all year round as a durable gift suitable for many occasions. Here are a few selling tips to make the most of your wind chime displays.

Always make sure your displays are kept full and that boxed chimes are readily available for your customer to carry to the register. Be sure to hang the chimes where your customers can touch them, feel the texture of the tubes and hear the incredible tones they produce.

Kromatix display

Place your displays near a door, open window or patio where gentle breezes can ring them. If you don’t have a source of wind, place a small fan near the displays or play our Corinthian Bells Relaxation CD in your store. Make sure displays are in a well-lit setting using spotlights or a clamp mounted light at the top of the display, highlighting designer finishes and the overall quality of the chimes. Use our point-of-purchase cards or posters to let customers know which brands of wind chimes you carry.

Decorate chime displays seasonally and for special holidays to help customers visualize the wonderful gift they will be giving. Twinkle lights at Christmas, red hearts for Valentine’s Day, and potted flowers in the spring add visual interest. Embellish your displays with bells and floral garlands to encourage chimes for wedding presents; they also make great anniversary gifts, too! Wind chimes are also popular gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so highlight wind chimes with gift boxes for each of these seasons to maximize sales.

Your sales will remain strong through each season if you maintain healthy stock levels, locate boxed chimes conveniently, and place display chimes in an accessible location. In addition, seasonal décor will create excitement as your customers seek their perfect gift.


Arabesque by QMT Windchimes is their newest and most luxurious line of wind chimes. With gemstone colors and elegant engraved bands that sparkle in the wind, these lovely beauties will be the envy of the neighborhood. They have sophisticated style, are hand-tuned and ready to impress. Arabesque is available in 4 exclusive colors: Garnet, Emerald, Onyx and Sapphire.

Corinthian Bells

Kromatix will brighten up any garden. Need a pop of color in the garden? Choose from Pop’n Purple, Groovy Green, Blaz’n Blue and Funky Fuchsia. These brightly colored, high-quality wind chimes will delight you with their impressive sounds and lasting resonance. Durable powder-coated components and custom nylon cording prepare these chimes for the outdoors.

Corinthian Bells are proven winners and continue to have strong sales. Tried and true, these hand-tuned wind chimes sell themselves when your customers hear them sing. Copper Vein, Black and Green are the top-selling colors with Patina Green, Ruby Splash and Midnight Blue adding to the rich color palette.

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