Never has there been a better time for garden centers to gain new customers and create excitement amidst their store offerings.

Today, more and more people are choosing to take control of their lives by choosing to grow their own fresh food, and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

SunBlaster's line of growing systems provides indoor gardening solutions for growing microgreens, organic herbs and more.

And that means new customers for your garden center.

These new customers are extending their growing season by adding the ability to grow indoors to their gardening skill set, and they need your help to accomplish this.

You can help this new breed of upcoming and established growers by adding SunBlaster Lighting products to your product offering. We provide a variety of ways and means to grow indoors and get the same and better results that you would get by growing the traditional way outdoors.

Growing wheatgrass, micro greens, herbs or just getting your seeds started for the next outdoor season when Mother Nature decides to cooperate is easily done with SunBlaster Lighting products.

With SunBlaster Lighting and a little help from you, your customers will learn how to grow and provide their family with healthy and organic herbs, vegetables and microgreens, or pretty much anything else that they want to grow.

Microgreens and other edibles grown indoors are packed with flavor, giving us the ability to elevate any dish and experience new depths of flavor.

We are to here to help create a wholly sustainable culture where delicious, fresh food becomes the focal point.

We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Horticultural lighting for almost two decades now. Because of this, SunBlaster has become a name that is known and trusted among hobby and commercial growers alike across North America, the U.K. and Europe.

Our recent addition of LED Strip Lights is promising to change the way growers will grow now and well into the future.

Adding SunBlaster lighting products to your store offering will ensure that you capture at least a piece of the exploding market within the garden industry, as consumer demand to grow food, vegetables and herbs at home increases at unprecedented levels.

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