Brookfield founders/designers, John Cline and Hilda Jones, began creating concrete products based on the theory that these landscape amenities enhance the landscape plan rather that upstage or dominate that plan. This concept has proved a wise one over the years. These weather-durable concrete products have the ability to enhance a variety of architectural styles and landscape settings. The array of sizes appropriate for streetscapes to intimate spaces makes Brookfield a proper source for the designer. Moreover, custom work is available for a reasonable fee.

Having more than 70 styles and sizes of plant containers, plus many fountains, benches, finials and stepping stones, Brookfield is a great source for the garden center buyer as well. All products are hand-cast and finished in fiber-reinforced, weather-durable concrete. Many beautiful and tasteful finishes are offered.

Anderson Fountain
McCallie School Tennis Courts, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Fountain styles range from small garden size to the much larger 4 foot diameter by 4 feet tall models — all designed to ease setup and maintenance by the professional or homeowner. All fountains are shipped complete with pump, tubing and setup instructions. Replacement parts are always available.

Less expensive choices for containers, etc. can be found, of course, but the products created by Brookfield are of lasting value and taste — a definite boost to designer and garden center reputations.

Terrace Fountain
Olde Atlanta Club entrance
Anderson Planters in the St. Elmo Historic District, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Brookfield is known for its great customer care and concern for their special needs. Time-critical shipping is of utmost importance in many cases — Brookfield executes all parts of the design, manufacturing and shipping process at their facility in Ringgold, Ga, enabling them to follow through with important ship dates, special finishes, irrigation drains or other needs.

Not only are these products beautiful and tasteful but they make perfect sense to the landscape professional or garden products retailer who wants and needs to offer something exceptional to their clients and customers not found in the mass market.

Still run by these two founders and designers, the 30-year-old Brookfield Co. sells direct to landscape professionals, developers and retailers. All products ship from the company’s location in Ringgold, Ga. Site delivery is available for all parts of the U.S.

For more information, go to or contact: (706) 375-8530 ph. (706) 375-8531 fx.