Fairies, Sprites and Pixies — these miniature mystical creatures exist within the boundaries of people’s imagination in almost every culture. Whether it was to appease or invite these enchanting beings to play, people started to create whimsical miniature areas using figurines and accessories to welcome the fairies into their home or garden. This concept of fairy gardening has since developed into a hobby, which continues to spread throughout the world as gardeners become absorbed in creating and adding to their miniature gardens.

The Top Collection Enchanted Story line encompasses themes like fairy babies, dragons and more.

More and more people are looking at their gardens in a whole new way as more miniature gardening products are coming out. Top Land Trading, Inc., a family-owned company established 15 years ago, has been providing garden centers and small businesses with a variety of quality miniature gardening figurines and accessories. The company’s Top Collection Enchanted Story line, consisting of over 500 outstanding products and counting, started out in the same way that miniature gardening began, with a love for all things Fairy. Fairy babies, like seen in the picture, has been a popular category for the company since the beginning. With the biannual addition of new products over the years, new categories — sprites, pixies, mermaids and miniature animals — have gained immense popularity and following, especially their adorable mini dragons.

With Top Land Trading/Top Collection’s wide variety of products, people can let their creativity run wild and include children in the process of creating miniature gardens, bringing together all generations. As such, the age of fairy gardening enthusiasts range from 5 to 85. Even plant lovers with limited space (those who live in apartments or urban housing) or no garden area can have their own fairy garden in containers and terrariums. Garden centers only have to allot a minimal amount of space to display multiple fairy garden settings. All the products are so small that retailers can gather a significant amount of sales in a small space.

Top Land Trading/Top Collection’s detailed and handmade quality makes each piece unique and special. Each item is clearly labeled in its own gift box, which aids in storage and merchandising. The company’s low minimums also allow retailers to try a variety of products at their store. As they are constantly designing and developing new categories (like the latest Shroom Fairies), garden centers can continuously cater to various gardeners’ creativity when they carry the Top Collection line.

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