Watering the hanging baskets in a retail garden center is the least liked job in the store. It must be done 3 to 4 times a day in the heat of the summer, baskets are hard to reach, and watering with a wand is inefficient as most of the water never reaches the soil in the pot. WaterPulse has the solution. WaterPulse has engineered a patented watering unit that fits any fixture bar and allows for automatic watering of hanging baskets. Less water, less labor, less chance of slip and fall from garden hoses all over the floor and healthier looking baskets = more sales!

Did You Know? In an average size retail garden center, traditional hand watering typically takes 8 hours or more per day — the WaterPulse suite of watering products can reduce that to under 4 hours!

Who can use WaterPulse’s Hanging Basket System?

  • Retail garden centers
  • Retail growing space
  • Fixtures
  • Works for any sized hanging baskets and plants


Automatically water all hanging baskets at once. All drip irrigation hangers are fully automated on same drip line.

Drip Irrigation Hangers

The system uses the weight of a plant to engage each particular dispensing hanger’s irrigation. No plant on the hanger, no water released. It’s that easy!


The system can tie directly into WaterPulse’s suite of plant watering systems, enabling retailers to irrigate hanging baskets and retail water mats at the same time. Hanging basket units DO NOT require use of WaterPulse watering mats.

Savings You Can Count On

WaterPulse’s Hanging Basket Watering System eliminates inefficient hand watering, and reduces over-watering and under-watering. Each plant receives the correct amount of water. Even watering translates to healthier plants and fewer markdowns — and that goes right to the bottom line! And, your retail space appearance improves too — with less unsightly floor pooling and fewer slips and falls.

About WaterPulse

WaterPulse delivers innovative solutions to reduce water use in the horticulture industry for retail garden centers, greenhouses and nurseries. The company’s suite of products uses patent-pending technology to move water to plants efficiently and precisely. This significantly reduces water usage, waste and overall cost, all while improving plant quality and the bottom line. WaterPulse, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colo., and all of their products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

For more information, visit www.waterpulse.com