Eco-1 Garden Spray


The NEW Eco-1 Garden Spray from Arborjet is here! Protect your customers’ entire gardens against a broad spectrum of insects, mites, and fungus with organic botanical oils. Leveraging more than a decade of plant healthcare experience and research, Arborjet designed Eco-1 Garden Spray to meet horticulture enthusiasts’ standards of quality, efficacy and safety, all in one visually appealing, descriptive package. Use indoors or outdoors, throughout the season, and even on food crops and same-day harvest. With its pleasant smell and vegan formulation, Eco-1 Garden Spray offers total garden protection for all consumers.

Eco-1 Garden Spray helps to protect against many of the toughest garden problems. Trials this year produced incredible results on a substantial Orange Hubbard Winter Squash harvest, grown from seed starting July 1, 2017. Eco-1 Garden Spray treatments began on August 1, 2017, and treatments were applied by hand at one-week intervals through mid- to late-September. The plants were watered by overhead sprinkler as needed, and no spreader sticker agents were needed.

Throughout August, the plant leaves remained clean from powdery mildew, allowing for prolific vines come mid-month. The limited colonies of powdery mildew from a missed spray application did not expand or coalesce, and the squash itself matured beautifully. When it was time to harvest in early October, the leaves of the untreated squash used as a controlled variable were covered in powdery mildew. The treated squash, on the other hand, produced healthy fruit of up to 40 pounds.

Eco-1 Garden Spray is not only effective — it’s safe to use around children, pets and more. Customers can use it for all purposes for phenomenal results in the garden and in the home.

And because Eco-1 Garden Spray is made with certified organic ingredients, it keeps the environment safe from harm, too, all while producing the results your customers need for a happy, healthy garden.

There are a hundred reasons to use Arborjet’s organic line of products, but we think you only need one. Visit Arborjet online at to learn more about Eco-1 Garden Spray and the full lineup of effective, sustainable horticulture offerings.