Being green is nothing new to Flame Engineering, Inc. of La Crosse, Kan. In the beginning, it was a father-and-son operation of designing, building and selling propane-powered torches out of a garage. The torches were built for natural weed control in agriculture. The business is still a family-owned operation. Flame Engineering has grown significantly over the past 56 years, with its Red Dragon brand sold in garden center and hardware retailers throughout the country.

Flame Engineering is the leader in flaming technology and is continuing to provide sustainable solutions for farmers, growers and homeowners throughout the world. Red Dragon products include a variety of powerful hand-held propane torches for farm and home.

Flaming is a simple process of exposing the weeds to intense heat and boiling the moisture in the plants' leaves. Just a split second of exposure to the heat is adequate to kill weeds. Flaming is environmentally friendly because the process kills weeds without the use of herbicides. A concern for the environment has popularized this simple and effective treatment of weed elimination.

Flame Engineering torches come in several sizes, from the Mini Dragon to the full-size Red Dragon.

The Original Red Dragon® Torch Kit continues to be the most popular torch kit in North America. This 500,000 BTU torch is our most powerful vapor torch and can handle the toughest jobs all year long. The Red Dragon® is a great overall utility torch capable of providing years of service for farms, ranches, construction and road crews, grounds maintenance, and industrial applications.

The Weed Dragon™ is a smaller torch kit that comes fully assembled and was developed for the growing number of homeowners concerned with the environment for gardening and other uses on their property. The 100,000 BTU Weed Dragon™ quickly hooks up to any refillable propane tank and even comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting.

With homeowners in mind, Flame Engineering introduced the Mini Dragon™ in 2012, which offered customers an opportunity to experience flaming and its effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability. The Mini Dragon™ is powered by a one pound propane cylinder, allowing for two hours of pin-point flaming. Used properly, the Mini Dragon™ is safe and easy to operate and is a great tool to reduce or eliminate herbicide use where children and pets could be exposed.  

All Flame Engineering torch kits are CSA Certified for performance and safety and Made in the USA.

Strength Comes from Experience, so you can Count on Flame Engineering, Inc.

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