Georgetown Home and Garden, for 2018, is adding an exciting variety of items to the popular Fiddlehead Fairy™ line. The centerpiece collection is called the Swamp garden. This fun assortment features four new houses, an outhouse, and elements that are whimsical yet edgy to evoke the mysteries of the underworld. Many of the elements glow in the dark, enhancing nighttime scenes in your customers’ gardens or pots. All of the pieces are cohesive, so the look can be as small or large as you want. Fairies, trolls, ponds, accessories and unusual animals. A frog with a saddle. Alligator with a troll rider, anyone?

Fairy gardening has been through many changes in the past few years and Georgetown remains a leader in creativity. From teacup gardening with micro items to Shingletown shacks with fairy outfits drying on the clothesline, Georgetown knows how to continually create fresh concepts and themes. They also know how to make fairy gardening profitable, which is key in any garden center, florist or gift shop. Georgetown also offers retail packaging complete with a header card and UPC, making inventory control easier to maintain.

Gretty, Mystic Marsh, Shack Swamp Boat

The new collection adds an additional spin on Georgetown’s already popular natural, woodsy look. The products remain durable for either indoor or outdoor use. The new houses feature doors hinged to open, wacky, gravity defying chimneys, and angular stairways and decks traversable by only the nimblest of fairy creatures. There is a new boat and a raft that are necessary items for swamp navigation, and a pond with glow-in-the-dark stepping stones.

There are several new fairies with names that add to the spirit of the collection. “Possum Pearl” and “Crawdad Catie” are designed in full color and finished in wonderful detail. Seven new trolls, creepily adorable, add whimsy to the swamp scenery. These pieces allow a retailer great flexibility to create many different displays that appeal to both girls and boys.

Left: Swamp Fairy and Odi the Otter; Right: Crawdad Catie Swamp Fairy

“We have found that a scene with lots of detail is what makes the item sell at retail. Our customers want to replicate our displays when they see them at shows, and the end consumer appreciates ideas for their use,” said Angie Walls, owner of Georgetown Home and Garden.

The beauty of these forms of gardening is that generations are brought together to imagine, share and create living works of art. Miniature gardening keeps people of all ages energized and entertained and Georgetown Home and Garden loves being at the forefront. | phone: 877-213-6279 | fax: 206-971-5002 | Showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas