From the makers of Soil Moist water-storing polymer and mycorrhizal products, JRM Chemical introduces two new lawn and garden growing products: NitroGreen and WaterAide.

Nitrogreen 13-0-0 is a 100% plant-based organic fertilizer for use on all plants and vegetables. OMRI approved, the all-purpose fertilizer is 100% water-soluble and goes into solutions quickly to ensure immediate delivery of its nutrients. Nitrogreen has the highest nitrogen available in the organic industry. Available in attractive 14-ounce bags in a shelf display and bulk containers.

WaterAide is a hybrid wetting agent that improves water efficiency on soils for all types of plants, vegetables and lawns. It is a combination wetting agent, soil penetrant and drift retardant. WaterAide increases water penetration in the soil with less runoff and disperses the water throughout the soil media. As a gel compound, WaterAide traps water in the soil and helps reduce plant waterings. Available in attractive 3-oz bags in a shelf display and bulk containers.

JRM Chemical offers a full array of water storing polymer and mycorrhizal products for retail and commercial applications. Refer to our website,, for further information or contact JRM directly.

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