As a leading wholesaler that provides garden centers across the country with everything from fountains and planters to decorative accessories, Melrose International understands how complementary items can increase profits for our customers.

In fact, we’ve been designing on-trend collections to create a set of unique and sellable items that will appeal to your shoppers since the early 1990s.

Left: Faucet Fountain; Right: Rustic Candleholders

Because each collection contains complementary items, garden centers are shopping them to create a lifestyle look that appeals to shoppers and increases basket ring. Four of our top-selling items below showcase how a look can come together:

  1. Half Tub Wall Pockets: Surprise! Half round farmhouse tubs crafted of galvanized metal with dark brown rims crate unique pockets ideal for use outdoors or indoors. (Product #70447) 
  2. Faucet Fountain: Water flows from a charming, vintage look faucet into three aged galvanized tubs resembling old wash stands. We love this one for its on-trend versatility — it fits with vintage, urban and farmhouse collections. (Product #70347)
  3. Plant Stands: Our stunning modern, industrial plant stands are crafted from sculptural metal designed to hold a cement vessel pot. (Product #70398 and #70399)
  4. Rustic Candleholders: Large scale, with a chalky white finish that is heavily distressed to reveal the terra cotta color beneath, these beautifully crafted candleholders add drama and immediate mood. They are heavy and durable to weather the outdoors with ease. (Product #70507)

From wall to floor, Melrose has the items garden centers need to create lifestyle product collections that will inspire shoppers. Inspire them to dream a little bigger. Inspire them to create beautiful outdoor spaces and invest in more items from your store.

Left: Plant Stands; Right: Half Tub Wall Pockets,

The great thing about shopping Melrose is that our items extend beyond the outdoors into the home. That means you can extend outdoor collections into your shop — from candle holders to floral to home decor — to get add-on sales and increase basket ring.

When you shop Melrose, you are buying from more than just a wholesaler. With a mission to provide customers with superior service, quality products, expert design and outstanding value — we believe that by achieving these goals, we can enhance the potential for the success of our customers, representatives and employees. From our reps to our customer service team, we truly care about your success because we know that the more you succeed, the more we will. Visit our website to discover our high-quality products and find a rep near you.