Pottery Express’ Talavera ceramic pottery is hand-painted before firing to produce glossy and vibrant finishes.

We have the best Talavera under the sun! You will want to have this happy pottery in your store, and you can trust that the quality is second to none. The ceramic pottery is hand painted before firing to produce vibrant and glossy finishes. We have several patterns to choose from, as well as many sizes of planters and animal sculptures. The dogs are very popular, as well as suns and moons.

Your customers cannot ignore the pop of color that these products provide in your store. They will want to take it home for their own home décor. Talavera pottery as well as other folk art items from Mexico add so much variety to your garden center offerings. Any item that grabs your customer’s attention is money in your pocket.

If this is new to you, start out with a variety of our top-sellers and display them together where customers can appreciate the colorful pieces of art. Our staff can offer suggestions, but you know your customer best. Choose items that have sold well in the past.

Now you can offer options of color and style. For example, if western-themed items like steer heads, horses, and cowboy boots have done well for you in cement sculptures, then think of how popular they will be in the brilliant Talavera designs.

Our shipping department can pack your selections into a large pallet crate with plenty of packing material to arrive safely by freight truck. On the rare occasions that breakage does occur, rest assured that you will get a refund or replacement.

Pottery Express’ Talavera ceramic pottery is hand-painted before firing to produce glossy and vibrant finishes.

We value the relationships with our customers as well as our suppliers. We have long-term relationships with family-owned factories in Mexico, Spain and Vietnam that take pride in their craft that has been passed down for generations.

Visit our booth in our new location on the 9th floor of Building 2 at AmericasMart in Atlanta.

You have an open invitation to visit our 5-acre farm of tropical clumping bamboo and pottery. We have a vast selection of pottery that is sold both retail and wholesale from our little piece of Florida paradise. We strive to offer you excellent customer service, so contact us to get this beautiful product on your shelves.

Be sure to ask about the other pottery products we import from Spain and Vietnam. PotteryExpress.com (941) 505-8400 WholesaleSales@potteryexpress.com