The decline of our pollinators is of serious concern for farmers, commercial vegetable producers, fruit growers and beekeepers. This is a complex problem with a number of contributing factors. The loss and degradation of habitat and food sources for pollinators, pesticides, parasitic mites and pathogens all appear to be inter-related and are suspected causes of pollinator decline.

Steps to Wildflower Success planting guide

Home gardeners are championing this issue and want to help. Encourage them to establish native plants in their gardens that provide what bees and other beneficial insects need while tapping into this growing, niche category with Olds Bee Pollinator Mix.

Olds Bee Pollinator Mix is exclusively formulated to restore habitat and food sources for bees and other beneficial pollinators. Our mix contains ten native perennial wildflowers that bloom over an extended time period, and two native perennial grasses.

Olds Bee Pollinator Mix is available in 2-ounce picture packets and contains 100 percent seed — no fillers, covering approximately 200 square feet. A colorful countertop display, which holds 24 packets, is availables to merchandise the packets. For larger plantings, a 1-pound bag size is offered.

Our Steps to Wildflower Success planting guide handout educates your customers and is provided to retailers, free of charge, when you order.

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