North Country Wind Bells offer chimes in a wide variety of themes, including nautical and wildlife.

Founded in 1975, North Country Wind Bells® is in its second family generation of creating distinctive wind bells made with recycled steel. Each wind bell echoes the mystical sounds of buoy bells that drift gently on the seas, mighty rivers and great lakes. You will find the extensive workshop on the rugged coast of Maine, where inspirations for the designs are spurred from the stunning sea to the deep wilderness in the many designs made at North Country Wind Bells®.

Connie, Paul and staff are passionate in the creativity and production of their wind bells. The quality speaks for itself, not just in the colorful powder coating textures and appearance, but the longevity of the wind bell. They do not twist or tangle. The wind bells are packed in a uniquely designed, recyclable triangular box, making a really attractive presentation for the store owner. North Country Wind Bells® is a “proud green company,” using cognizant environmental practices within the shop, down to packing each order’s master carton with the local newsprint. One of the successes of North Country Wind Bells® over the past 44 years is the fact they turn orders in less than a week’s time, which means the store owner can order more frequently, making more profits!

Customers include fine gift shops, museums, botanical gardens, marinas, nurseries, garden centers and National Park Gift Shops. Consumers covet them and often collect several for their homes and family members. They are simply the best gift for so many occasions including birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, house warmings, weddings and Christmas. Organizations often contact North Country Wind Bells® to do a special design for fundraisers. Vacationers purchase them to bring home for fond memories shared of their travels, and each time they hear the wind bell ring, they are reminded of “Haunting Sounds and Magic Memories®.”

Point of Purchase displays are made at their shop in steel or cedar. These displays take only two square feet of floor space and provide beautiful sounds and attractive color to a store. Folks simply gravitate to them and love the fact the wind bells are Made in Maine, USA!

“Give a North Country Wind Bell,® and with every gentle wind, the recipient will have a lovely reminder of you.™”

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