Colorful and aesthetically pleasing designs are synonymous with the up-and-coming Texas-based company Rustic Arrow. With an innovative and savvy business model, it has quickly become a leader in the market for artisanal craftsmanship across the nation.

Known for its elegant, one-of-a-kind merchandise, Rustic Arrow prides itself in offering an extensive catalog of metal, wrought iron, wood and seasonal items. Their large selection of products is not only trendy but also environmentally friendly, with a large majority of them being almost completely made from recycled metal.

Its impressive repertoire includes handicrafts that would be appropriate in an upscale environment as well as to decorate patios, kitchens, living rooms and various other indoor and outdoor settings.

The homely pieces attract artists, interior designers and collectors alike. Often sold at renowned conferences and exhibitions, the products are exclusively reserved for wholesale purchases.

The items are handmade by Mexican artisans who work year-round to render their unique creations. Customers from throughout the United States acquire these items to add a personal touch to offices, hotels and residences.

The company’s vision is to serve their clients through their unique set of products. Their crafts bring together people from all walks of life and can easily complement almost any room or outdoor decor.

Left to right: Bird Garden Stake; Panda; Red Pig

Although there is a wide variety of designs to choose from, Rustic Arrow’s most popular designs include its garden items such as majestic gazebos, farm animals, bird houses, signs, flowerpots, hanging baskets, trellis, topiaries, fences, benches and arches.

The rustic finish on all their products adds to the pre-owned and scratched look that complements the vintage vibe of the items. Due to each piece being uniquely created and handmade, an item’s color and size may vary from those depicted in the catalog. This further confirms the authenticity and uniqueness of the products.

Rustic Arrow’s overall image is deeply rooted in the Mexican tradition of bright, simple and effortless items. Each creation plays a significant role in bringing the entire collection together.

Everyone is looking for the perfect home accent to make their space stand out or a garden sign to bring a theme together. Rustic Arrow offers affordable and extensive decor items to meet any design concept in mind.

Other highly sought-after products include their impeccable wood creations, windows and doors.

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