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Effective signage is one component of a strong marketing program — it just happens to target customers on your property. In that sense, it can be considered precision advertising, with the potential to directly increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Effective signage serves to communicate, direct, motivate and even beautify your retail garden center. It doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these five steps, you will be on your way to creating a set of guidelines and implementing a plan. More information can be found in the “Garden Center Signage Guide” at

1. Select standard formats

Essential to any signage program is the selection of standard graphic sizes and formats. For example, you may want to use 24x36 and 18x24 signs. Formats, such as banners or 1/4 inch sign board, are two possibilities. A system, where the structural choices have been predetermined, can be executed with a minimum of time, effort, and expense.

2. Select sign hardware

The outdoor retail environment is challenging, especially when it comes to signs and graphics. Choosing high-quality and versatile sign hardware will greatly increase the success of your program. Before selecting sign and graphic hardware, consider the style and versatility of the designs. Investing in quality hardware systems, such as those from, will eliminate one of the potential failure points and simplify routine graphic media changes. At Szelekt Products, sign and graphic systems have been specifically designed for the unique requirements of the retail garden center.

3. Establish graphic standards

Just like a menu, graphic standards are a guide to each element of a sign or graphic display. Not only does this speed up the creation of new signs, but it helps to maintain a consistent and unified presentation. Customers will know where to look for information and what to expect.

4. Create the message

Creating the sign message doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping It Simple works. A clear and straight forward message will always be understood.

5. Find a source for printed material

On the web and in almost every community, there will be quick sign outlets. Many sign companies or large chain office supply and printing stores offer sign and banner products. Ordering larger quantities can reduce the cost per square foot of sign material.

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