‘Autumn Frost’

Selected for Proven Winners® Hosta of the Year Award, Hosta SHADOWLAND® ‘Autumn Frost’ claims the prize for 2019. As a Proven Winners® Hosta of the Year, you can expect to see this plant featured in Proven Winners® marketing and promotional pieces. Learn more about this campaign at Proven Winners® consumer-focused website: www.nationalplantoftheyear.com


About ‘Autumn Frost’

Still relatively new by Hosta introduction standards, ‘Autumn Frost’ comes from impressive lineage. ‘Autumn Frost’ is a showy sport of the 2010 Hosta of the Year ‘First Frost’ and differs from its parent with exceptionally wide, brightly colored yellow margins. ‘First Frost’ is itself a sport of Hosta ‘Halcyon,’ a popular blue Hosta with a number of its own awards. From ‘Halcyon,’ ‘Autumn Frost’ inherits the powdery blue color of its leaves. ‘Halcyon’ also passes down leaves with a thick substance that have demonstrated good slug resistance.

‘Autumn Frost’ goes through a seasonal color change. The emerging foliage best displays the powdery blue color and yellow margins. Through the summer the oldest leaves develop a green cast with the margins turning creamy white. This perennial will attract the most attention in late spring to early summer when its color is at peak. ‘Autumn Frost’ is very easy to spot during this time and will stand out whether it is in the landscape or in the garden center.

At maturity, ‘Autumn Frost’ is a mid-sized Hosta. This perennial will grow approximately 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide and has a fast growth rate when compared to other Hostas.

In production

Growers will appreciate the faster growth rate of ‘Autumn Frost’, particularly in production.

Even with its above-average growth rate, we still recommend growing ‘Autumn Frost’ for a full year before offering it at retail. Hostas are a difficult plant to force, as they are susceptible to losing leaf substance and developing a floppy, open habit when grown too warm too quickly. ‘Autumn Frost’ is best when planted in late spring or early summer and grown through the warm season, as the long summer days will increase root growth. Small plugs will nicely finish in a trade gallon container, while large plugs will fill a true 1-gallon container in the same time. 10-12 weeks of vernalization is recommended.

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