Gardeners are budding across the U.S. in the last year! Industry groups have reported more than 18,000,000 new gardeners in 2020. For these new gardeners, having the right tools can be a large key to gardening success.

When new customers enter a lawn and garden retailer, displaying the necessary and helpful tools is smart for your customers’ sales and useful information. Evaluate your watering tool offering and make sure the “must-haves” are visible as soon as customers walk in and again as they cash out. An informative sign showing what to buy for a raised garden versus container garden will be helpful and appreciated. The four essential garden accessories to offer are: a great RainWand, a versatile spray gun, a quality lawn sprinkler, and a reliable hose.

A RainWand is a perfect tool for gardeners to water both their young and established plants. A good quality RainWand will have a shower head that directs water to the plant’s base. A rain-like shower thoroughly waters the soil at the root zone, promoting plant health and vigorous growth. Wands 30 inches in length with a thumb control valve are the most popular; 16-inch wands are great for containers. The Dramm OneTouch RainWand™ is a great choice precisely because of its incredibly soft shower.

A multi-purpose hose-end spray gun is the top seller in the industry and the number one item that homeowners purchase. These nozzles are designed to wash the car, clean the siding, spray the window screens, and even wash the dog. The largest volume sellers are the lever valve style, but the ease of use of the thumb control valve is becoming more popular over time. The Dramm 9-Pattern Revovler™ or the Dramm 9-Pattern Revolution™ with thumb control is the top sellers.

Don’t forget the lawn! Everyone needs a good sprinkler but, when watering lawns, the space that needs to be watered is rarely a circle. One of the most useful lawn sprinklers is a turret sprinkler that offers multiple patterns that fit the lawn’s shape. Putting water only where you need it conserves water and maximizes the water you apply. The Dramm ColorStorm™ Turret Sprinkler is a perfect choice because it’s heavy-duty and will last. Furthermore, The Dramm Corporation offers tutorial videos online to help with set up if needed.

Lastly, a reliable hose is a must to deliver water where you need it. Garden hoses can be made of many materials, but the best ones are rubber. Hoses need to endure a lot of wear. Rubber lasts a long time in all conditions. Rubber hoses do not dry out and crack over time from the effects of sun, heat, and cold. You can expect to get years of use from a rubber hose. The highly rated Dramm ColorStorm™ Rubber hose is one of the best on the market.

Offering quality items in the hose nozzle, rain wand, sprinkler, and hose categories will give your staff the ability to send that new gardening customer home with a complete set of watering tools. Helping new gardeners achieve success will generate add-on sales and create long-term customers for your store.

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