The Proven Winners® National Perennial of the Year® is one of the most sought-after perennial plants each year. 2021 promises the same with the ultra-popular Nepeta hybrid ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ set to take the spotlight. As you make your 2021 plans, this is one plant you will definitely want to keep your eye on.

Why ‘Cat’s Pajamas’?

Even before it hit the market, this purr-fect little package was making a name for itself. ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ is a tamed version of the wild Nepeta faassenii cultivars standard on garden center benches. Compared to their rangy habits, ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ is only a foot tall, best suited to the front rather than the middle of the border. This variety earns its place at the front with flowers that appear the length of the stem, showing color from top to bottom when in bloom. The compact nature of the plant also makes it less prone to opening up after flowering like traditional varieties.

Growers will be delighted by the early-blooming, free-flowering nature of the plant. ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ is among the very first to bloom, typically showing color two or more weeks ahead of standard Catmint cultivars. This makes it easy to get retail color earlier and to sequence with other Nepeta, ensuring one is always in color on the bench. After bloom, this plant can be trimmed back a second and even third time to reflush with another round of flowers.

What Makes the National Perennial of the Year® so popular?

Proven Winners® runs the largest marketing campaign of any plant brand. The National Plant of the Year® program highlights the very best of each program. National Plant of the Year® winners become the focus of a national marketing campaign that creates billions of impressions each year. National plant winners appear in digital ads and on billboards during peak season, and are sent as samples to influencers and featured on social media. Proven Winners® also offers social media graphics and signage to support IGCs that participate in this program.

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