As extreme temperatures, severe weather and droughts have become more common recently, there has been increased consumer and business interest and awareness of the way we grow plants and manage landscapes. Out of this interest to modernize, biochar and humectants are two components that have made their way into the marketplace and are now available in ARBORChar® Summer Stress and NutriRoot®. ARBORChar Summer Stress 0-0-9 is a fertilizer, water manager, and biochar blend. Perfect to apply in hot summer conditions, it contains humectants as well as Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium to promote greening. NutriRoot 2-2-3 Liquid Soil Applied Fertilizer is a unique blend of essential minerals, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants supplying a single product to reduce watering, accelerate root growth, and improve transplant success. These products offer unique ingredient combinations which help to hold water, build soil, and improve plant growth and appearance even during difficult conditions. Both tools are great for drought stress regions, transplants, or just overall reduction in the labor of watering. They can be used on all plants indoors and out. Be sure to use and stock NutriRoot and ARBORChar Summer Stress this season. You’ll be sure to save time and money!

Netherland Bulb Co.

Netherland Bulb Company is the largest exporter of bulbs from Holland to the United States. A significant portion of these bulbs goes to greenhouse growers that force bulbs for the Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day holidays. In addition, many growers are pre-growing bulb packs for landscapers and consumers that want pre-grown bulbs to plant in the spring instead of planting tulips, for example, in the fall. Our website provides step by step instructions on how to start your forcing program:

Rapid Garden POS

From seed to cessation, the upbringing of each plant requires the proper care and nurturing. But, how is it possible to monitor the life/sales cycle of thousands of plants effectively at the same time? Most importantly, how do you make sure you are maximizing your profitability while tending to your little “buds”?

Green retailers have distinct challenges that standard, off-the-shelf, point-of-sale systems aren’t designed to manage — particularly production oversight of living inventory. Implementing a POS solution built specifically for growers, such as Rapid Garden POS, allows you to effectively:

Convert inventory from single units to combined items with production kitting tools. Our system even recommends a suggested price based on items used. Transition growing inventory into larger containers (and price points). Rapid Garden POS works just as easy in reverse for plants that you divide or those that need to be nursed back to a sellable condition. View real-time data, so you can track exactly where your production inventory is and its current status — without the cost of an enterprise-level production management system. Adapt your existing systems and tools into a central solution that manages dispatch and service, delivery, shipping and fulfillment, accounting and more!