Arborjet has been a leader in plant health care since 1999, bringing you the most effective solutions for your clients’ gardening needs, with a focus on minimizing negative environmental impact. Always looking for new ways to support our retail distributors, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Ecologel Solutions, thus expanding our product line to meet the needs of a wider variety of your clients.

With more than 45 combined years in the plant health industry, Arborjet and Ecologel are joining forces to better serve your ever-changing customer base. From the everyday garden hobbyist to landscapers and everything in between, we’ve put years of research into creating the most effective and sustainable solutions your clients will be looking for. Along with the expansion of our product line comes a team of specialists to serve each product. You can count on our regional technical managers and our customer support team to provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to educate your customers and make sales.

Looking to train your own staff? We offer on-site demos and educational sessions so that your staff can gain the confidence they need to help your customers. A solid foundational understanding of the products you sell is an important part of representing your business, which is why our employees take pride in the support we offer to you; whether it’s in the form of frequent store visits, or always being available by phone to answer your questions. The expansion of our company means the expansion of resources available to you!

When you work with Arborjet and Ecologel, you get our entire team. From Customer Service to Marketing, we’re always thinking of ways we can help you. When we market our products, we direct users to seek out their local retailers. We’re encouraging people to walk into your store and take a look around! Our newly expanded Marketing team is constantly innovating fresh ideas to drive new customers straight to your front door. We also offer a variety of space-saving retail displays, which include messaging to help you sell certain products, while keeping them organized and freeing up valuable shelf space.

In partnering with Arborjet and Ecologel, you’re partnering with a team of innovators, scientists, marketers, technicians and more. In an ever-changing industry, it’s nice to know someone who’s on top of the trends. We’ve got you covered.

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