As BioSafe Systems celebrates its 20th anniversary, they are now proudly offering a complete retail line of the same powerful and effective formulas professional growers have been using for years, just in smaller sizes. BioSafe Systems pioneered the development of proprietary PAA+ (peroxyacetic acid) technology with its flagship product, ZeroTol® for greenhouses and nurseries.

BioSafe Disease Control is the retail version of ZeroTol®, providing broad-spectrum fungicidal control on flowers, turf and vegetable gardens. BioSafe Weed Control is an OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed, burn-down weed and grass killer. Both options give the home gardener peace of mind knowing they are getting superior results backed by commercial growers.

Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, BioSafe Systems has an in-house lab and testing facility run by a Ph.D. of pathology and entomology. We are also staffed with a team of experienced quality control and compliance officers, as well as a dedicated retail sales and marketing team.

BioSafe Systems is leading the way in several commercial industries like greenhouses, nurseries, hydroponics, agriculture, food safety, animal health, aquatics, waste water management, golf course management, child care, education, recreation and sanitation.

Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.

BioSafe Systems believes in leaving no residue behind and manufacturing products that do not contain harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach or copper sulfate. All products have no negative impact on the health and safety of people, pets, wildlife and the environment.

BioSafe Systems understands their products are used in homes and backyards and that’s why they only formulate and manufacture products to the highest standard of commitment and quality. Products are field-tested, proven effective and U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) registered, and many are OMRI listed.

BioSafe Systems is family-owned, and products are made in the USA.

BioSafe Systems’ corporate offices are in Connecticut, housing a full customer service team that can be reached toll-free. BioSafe Systems has five manufacturing facilities and eight warehouses throughout the U.S., which utilize sustainable manufacturing practices like recycling and reusing resources, resulting in zero waste whenever possible.

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