Looking for new and different upscale containers? Give daVinci Decorated Pots’ latest designs a try! Inspired by both nature and great works of art, daVinci’s uniquely decorated pots offer a polished look at affordable prices to help boost your sales and your bottom line.

Available in designs ranging from bold and bright to soft and understated, the daVinci line is a dynamic complement to any plant or combo. Or design your own for a truly one-of-kind look.

daVinci products are engineered using the latest in in-mold labeling technology, a process that uses robotics to insert a pre-printed designed label into the injection mold just prior to molding. The finished pot comes out with a permanent, vibrant design, enhanced with UV light protection to provide a long lasting vibrancy on your customer’s decks and patios.

The product lineup features both ready-to-grow patio pots, as well as cover pots, or drop-ins, to use over your plain grower pot. All styles are available in multiple designs for a complementary family look. All of the pots come with drain holes, and the cover pots can also be ordered without holes to create a water reservoir in self-watering or retail applications.

New stock designs include:

Wood Barrel, Birch Bark, White Ceramic, Distressed Terra Cotta, Hand Ceramic, several Marble designs and more. Also available are plain, no decoration pots with fast production times.

About daVinci Decorated Pots

As part of the Airlite Plastics family of brands, daVinci puts family-owned Airlite’s 60+ years of experience to work, focusing on on-time delivery of precisely engineered products, manufactured to demanding specifications. The daVinci division offers in-mold-labeled (IML) designer-styled, premium-grow pots and cover pots. Made in the USA for quick turnaround from order to delivery, with consistency, quality, and attention to detail. daVinci products are made to exacting standards, using the latest IML robotics to keep costs low. Located in Omaha, Neb., USA.

For more information: www.davincipots.com