The competition is heating up in every segment of the green industry, and you need every advantage that you can find. An inspiring shopping environment is something that the big boxes are not designed to offer. Through the design of their facilities and dynamic merchandising layout, independent garden centers are able to create excitement and motivate the customer. The outdoor retail environment presents challenges and opportunities. One such challenge is the sun, beating down on the product, customers and staff. Shade structures can be introduced into almost any garden center, helping to beautify, define space and improve the experience for shoppers and team members. Now that you have decided to make those improvements and add some shaded areas, where do you go from here? Haiku Shade, best known for their movable shade units, offers a wide variety of high-quality, attractive and versatile structures. If you want to create a large shaded area or define smaller spaces, Haiku Shade can provide a well designed and constructed solution. Haiku Shade makes all of its products in the USA, and it works closely with garden center owners and staff to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective design and layout. Because garden centers and retail nurseries come in all shapes and sizes, one size doesn’t fit every project. That being that case, the design team at Haiku Shade brings years of experience to the creation of site-specific solutions. Haiku Shade is always available to discuss your project and objectives. Information about its shade structures, accessory structures, sign hardware and retail display fixtures can be found by visiting HAIKUSHADE.COM or by calling 317-402-8400.

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