SUPERthrive® exemplifies American ingenuity. For over 70 years, our non-toxic, food-grade product has developed a devoted following and maintained a unique place in the lawn and garden center industry. SUPERthrive provides a unique vitamin solution with kelp that nourishes plants, produces healthier and more nutritious edibles, prevents and treats plant stress, and increases yield.

Started in a three-car-garage in 1939, SUPERthrive has had a fabulous journey few products can match — all thanks to the creativity and passion of its founder, Dr. John Thomson.

Dr. Thomson studied Biochemistry at the University of Southern California, where he became fascinated by new discoveries in biochemical processes that aid in plant development. These discoveries inspired Dr. Thomson to create a product dedicated to plant wellness. He won the World’s Fair Gold Medal in Science and Industry for his invention in 1940.

As a true old-time salesman, Dr. Thomson spread word of SUPERthrive traveling nursery to nursery. He valued the feedback of his customers and collected thousands of hand-and type-written testimonials over six decades … long before the online review was born! Today, we’re proud to continue Dr. Thomson’s legacy and are grateful to have received over a thousand unsolicited 5-star reviews online.

SUPERthrive® benefits:

  • All-purpose; beneficial to all plant types including vegetables & flowers
  • Natural & non-toxic
  • Improves plant vigor
  • Revives stressed plants
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Helps with all stages of plant growth

Dr. Thomson’s proprietary vitamin formula contains kelp, Vitamin B1 and a proprietary mix of additional beneficial ingredients. The addition of SUPERthrive’s vitamin formula helps plants to perform at their best. For more ways to see how SUPERthrive can work for you, please visit our website.

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