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A century of success

In an age where we see some garden centers deciding to close their doors, it’s good to hear the stories of IGCs that have withstood the test of time. Bloomington Garden Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, recently celebrated 100 years in business. Eric and Barb Pederson share what they’ve done through the years to stay relevant and customers share why the business stands out.

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With summer in full swing, Garden Centers of America’s Summer Tour gave industry members a chance to check out some of the top garden centers in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s no surprise that posts from the tour garnered so much attention on our social media feeds! Head on over to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see all our coverage from the 2019 GCA Summer tour.

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Garden Center Trivia


What are the two main types of roots?

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Last month’s question: What are the five sub-fields of horticulture? Answer: Floriculture, landscape horticulture, olericulture, pomology and post-harvest physiology.

5 stories in brief

Sudden oak death in Indiana

More than 88 stores in Indiana received infected varieties of rhododendrons. To read, click here.

Get involved with horticultural therapy

Registered Horticultural Therapist Patricia Cassidy explains what horticultural therapy is and how IGCs can get involved. To read, click here.

Gaining ground on rose rosette

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers tracked the disease across the U.S., developed new diagnostic tools and expedited breeding with hundreds of new molecular markers. To read, click here.

Launching mail-order services

Cait Khosla of Botany Box shares her pointers to launch your own mail-order plant delivery service. To read, click here

Donzell’s Flower and Garden Center closing

After 66 years in business, the business closed, citing poor summer and fall performance and minimal growth in the area’s new housing market. To read, click here